08 February, 2012

I want to be somewhere hot....

Yup, it's true,I really want to be in some far off country, soaking up the sun, I'm officially fed up of being snowbound and when not snowed in, iced in...its been no warmer than -10C at night for the last 10 days, we had -16C last night with -23C as windchill factor, not above -3 at all in the day either... my car's killed it's battery, the snowplough came down the road but left ice and they commune don't have salt or grit to help the road. The water's frozen up (dh has a tap in his workshop working so the poor love is carrying in containers of water, we're distributing it throughout the neighbourhood too and washing hair over the sink, flushing loo's with buckets etc etc ) the kids haven't got school, luckily we're doing ok for food and have wood for heating, the house is nice and warm *thank god* here's some piccies I took today when I *hoped* we were defrosting...bit optimistic I think. 

The postman did manage to deliver something for me today though ;O)I've been busy cutting out hearts with it.... I had a bargain day on Monday, Sizzix have had 1.5" strip die on sale at £17 for well over a month, well I wanted to wait until I knew the machine was on it's way, logged on to order and they had the 2.5" strip die on special too £17... so guess what needed to be done :) just need to find the 25" cutting plate which apparently is out of stock everywhere but hopefully in the next few weeks it'll be back in stock, along with the tumbler and some more quilting dies arriving in March, does anyone know how difficult an apple core quilt is to sew with the seams ??

So Amelia and I are going to be making some heart blocks or a runner or something, I haven't fused them though :( so perhaps they won't work as well, I know I should have but I just wanted to cut....

Haven't felt much like sewing, its been a bit depressing being stuck in but I got it together a bit and machine quilted my mug rug/pot holder (amelia says its too big for a cuppa and a biccie)


I put the feed dogs down on the Janome and used aurifil 40wt, just decided to try something new and got busy.... I've never tried straight lines without the walking foot, not sure I will again either but it was interesting. No funny eyes or problems with tension on the back either, needs an iron now :)
Quite like the spirally alien hands coming to get you bit

I also got on with my LOVE SAL and would've got the hand embroidery bit done too except my mum has my threads and I can't get out to her to get them (perhaps tomorrow eh...)

Am using all different fabrics from my stash and am not going to use red...when I showed it to DH he said, hope thats not for me !!! charming eh... true love and all that

Finally I got on and did block 6 of the christmas SAL and have just one block left to do, was quite enjoyable stitching with the snow outside, except amelia got confused and thought it'll be Christmas again soon....eeeerrr NO...


  1. Ialso HATE snow!! keep warm and safe xx

  2. I love the pinwheel blocks quilt I want to make one of those need to make the time and do it. I bought me one of them rulers for it just have not sat down and tried. Did you use a ruler or some other method to make yours?



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