03 February, 2012

Freezing Friday

Yup, its absolutely FREEEEEEEZING here, -10C when I took the kids to school this morning, with windchill even lower....one weather forecast is showing -23C with windchill next week and it's set to continue, at least the next 8 days before we get to the giddy heights on +2C.  We've got no water in the house, the pipes have frozen up but luckily DH's shed still has water so we're bucketing it in and washing up with water boiling on the hob or kettle :) washing is easy enough but we can't manage showers, so if it continues it'll be a trip to my mums for us all.
Anyway as it's so cold and I can't really clean much, I was busy on the machine.  I'm much happier with the twister name quilt that i've made, I'm ready to quilt it and I'm putting the other one on the backside so the participant can chose which side she prefers :) 

While I was at it, i've made a mug rug, mini quilt for myself, I just love the fabric so much and I realised that I haven't got a mug rug at all :) 
I've also discovered STARCH and how to properly press my seams, to just hold it down and not move it, my joins have been better and the ironing much stiffer with the starch.

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