24 February, 2012

Freedom Friday

I'm (IM)patiently waiting for the school holidays to start, when the kids first went to school I HATED the holidays, the weather was always rough and I thought I had to entertain them 24/7 but now their that little bit older, they occupy themselves and are either drawing, helping mummy with patchwork, playing computer games or we play board games.  Also means we get a lie in and generally I really enjoy the time together.  This time it's 2 weeks hols and Jacques is off to the UK with my mum for a week so we have a rush to get his homework done before he goes.  So today, I planned to sew all day as it's difficult when they are around BUT my shoulder is killing me (my sewing chair is too low, dh promised to rise it up when we bought it about 6 months or more ago but he hasn't done it and now i'm in agony) so I cooked some chocolate chip and chocolate and cranberry cookies for the kids tea and then thought, ohhh I know i'll get on and make one of the hairbrush pin cushions.
I'd first seen in on Kelli's blog that looks like it needs stitches  go check out her blog its lovely and swoony atm :) and she based hers on this tutorial here. I've only got kids crafty felt but I got busy and hunted Amelia's hairbrush, in between getting cookies out of the oven about 40 minutes later I've now got this.

Will probably make some more for the patchwork club raffle prizes.

I'm linking up to TGIFF because it is a finish, it is Friday and I love Quilter in the Gap who's hosting it this week :)
Now it's time to get the kids and let the chilling holiday commence :)
Have a great Friday night all...


  1. OMGoodness...I love this....I need one of these. I am off to check out this tutorial. Thank you so much for linking up with me and for the kind words.

  2. Hooray! Yours turned out so cute.. I LOVE it. I just used kids craft felt, too. They are fun to make, aren't they? Way to go! Enjoy your holiday! :o)

  3. Oh, that's so cute, Pippa! Don't delay on getting that shoulder looked at -- I just finished three months of physio because I waited too long. :)

  4. Get some heat pads on your shoulders - have you tried the rice pads you can put in the microwave. They are supposed to work.

    That pin cushion is cute.

  5. get that chair sorted!!
    Where in the UK are they visiting.. its a bit cold and wet at the moment xx

  6. Oh wow, that is such a cute pincushion!!! Love it! Thanks for linking to TGIFF :)

  7. That's so cute -- what a clever idea!


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