02 February, 2012

Applique rules

I'm going to get on tomorrow and finish what I started tonight...can you guess what it is yet ????   the border is so cute, its little purple words and definitions from the dictionary, I'm much happier and when its finished with a name, it'll be a much better alternative, if I can work out how to quilt it I might add the other one as the backing, the owner can choose which she prefers then.

Yesterday, the kids were home from school as it was Wednesday but it was bitterly cold -8 without windchill in the DAY !!! so we stayed indoors and I took an hour out for myself and machine appliqued the words from the SAL. TBH I'm thrilled with it, I used embroidery thread and I changed the applique stitch size to a smaller one, I was really worried i'd muck it up especially as the letters are so thin but no ;o) now all I need is to get to mums to collect the cross stitch thread, do some hearts (might even try them on the machine) and I've finished for this week 

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