24 February, 2012

Freedom Friday

I'm (IM)patiently waiting for the school holidays to start, when the kids first went to school I HATED the holidays, the weather was always rough and I thought I had to entertain them 24/7 but now their that little bit older, they occupy themselves and are either drawing, helping mummy with patchwork, playing computer games or we play board games.  Also means we get a lie in and generally I really enjoy the time together.  This time it's 2 weeks hols and Jacques is off to the UK with my mum for a week so we have a rush to get his homework done before he goes.  So today, I planned to sew all day as it's difficult when they are around BUT my shoulder is killing me (my sewing chair is too low, dh promised to rise it up when we bought it about 6 months or more ago but he hasn't done it and now i'm in agony) so I cooked some chocolate chip and chocolate and cranberry cookies for the kids tea and then thought, ohhh I know i'll get on and make one of the hairbrush pin cushions.
I'd first seen in on Kelli's blog that looks like it needs stitches  go check out her blog its lovely and swoony atm :) and she based hers on this tutorial here. I've only got kids crafty felt but I got busy and hunted Amelia's hairbrush, in between getting cookies out of the oven about 40 minutes later I've now got this.

Will probably make some more for the patchwork club raffle prizes.

I'm linking up to TGIFF because it is a finish, it is Friday and I love Quilter in the Gap who's hosting it this week :)
Now it's time to get the kids and let the chilling holiday commence :)
Have a great Friday night all...

22 February, 2012

WIP Wednesday

Lots of lovelies have arrived in the post in the last week :O)

Apart from my aurifil threads and my dies.. I also got my fugly fabric from Poppy Makes, its the panache layer cake and ohhh I'm keeping my eye out for a great pattern for it, ...and I won the spring panel from her other fugly fabric How can this gorgeous panel be FUGLY !!!! So I grabbed the sizzix and with DH's help cut the 2.5" strips, one cut and all 8 strips were done, once I get the hang of making sure the fabric is being folded correctly, it is going to save soooo much time and I won't have woggly strips, so before taking JP to the speech therapist, I got busy pinning on the strips and sewing them...even managed to get it batted and backed beforehand and when we got home, I stitched around the ditch of the border and the lines that on the piccie are black are now aurifil cream and we're ready for more quilting... I was thinking some perle cotton hand stitching *I know me handstitching...argghhh but it would be a cute project to take to patchwork class* and there are lovely swirls on the flowers, the cherries and apples... the birdies all asking for some stitching.  What do you think ?? any inspiration for me ???

My hand dyed fabric from quilt hexie arrived, its really gorgeous and its going to be a very special project that uses this fabric, perhaps not in the short term, I need to use it properly.

Last week I started the country Block of the month from the french magazine Quilt Country, this one needs stitching around the applique and some embroidery for names, signs, etc etc....its supposed to be two ladies taking their machines to the quilt shop, it doesn't really look anything yet but once I get busy on the applique I'm sure it'll fall into place. 
Then I've spent all day Monday unpicking, resewing, trying to add sashing to the bosses quilt, I'm half way there and hope to get a bit more time to spend on it, perhaps on Friday, from there on in I won't get much done because its half term fortnight and the kids are home.   It's not thrilling me but its nice enough, bit of a weird feeling, perhaps its just because I know it needs to be finished by April and it feels like a rush.  So sashing and then borders, will post pictures before the borders because i'm not sure it doesn't need a different colour to make it pop a bit more... ahh well enough wittering, I'm linking up for WIP Wednesday :)

19 February, 2012

Scratchcard Saturday and Sizzix Sunday...

The postman has been nice to me again, lots of lovely goodies arrived on Friday...

The courrier from my brothers arrived with my lovely sizzix dies...can you see the 2.5" and 1.5" strip piecing dies...my sashing and binding should be straighter now :O) plus I've read you can recut the strips to make them into 1.5 and 2.5" squares, should save some time.
I am amazed at how quickly it cuts through the layers, I'm definitely ordering the tumbler block, some hexagons and a 5" block for my birthday.
I went out on Saturday to buy some card for Amelia to make the swizzler thingie.

2 of the Aurifil spools, there were on promo 30% off so I bought some light grey and cream for piecing, I've read that light grey is very popular so I thought i'd give it a go.

The box of batting is for me and for the patchwork ladies, trying to do them a favour ends up giving me a headache...

I've been looking at how to make little labels to put on things using twill cotton and fabric printing sheets, we've got a colour laser so I was planning on buying an inkjet as I didn't think we'd get the laser printing sheets easily.  So off to the big town we go on Saturday afternoon, I bought a 2e scratchcard and won 10e :O) so I bought another one for 2e and won another 2e :O) but the queue was so big so I didn't bother swopping it for another card.  We went to do our shopping and lo and behold I found laser fabric paper:) so no need for an inkjet, carried on and on our way out I decided to swop my scratchcard for another 2 1e tickets.  My little boy said mum, scratch it off here cos if we win big how do we get our winnings, I've never won more than 10e so I wasn't really worried...we'll come back I said..
We get to the card and I scratched off one of the tickets...rien, nothing :(
then I scratched off the final one, number 7 appears... I said to my DH, think i've won 50e !!!! then I scratched off the next number...it's another 7, scratch off the amount another 50E !!!!! the final number was a 3 so no win, I'm shaking, checking the rules (remember its in french) yup I said to DH, I'm pretty sure I've just won 100e... you'd better go claim it then babe and off to the fabric shop we'll go :O)))
I did go to the fabric shop but just bought a new cutting mat as i'd ironed mine earlier in the week and its got a huge warped bit, also bought some twill tape for my labels and treated us to McDonalds.... :O)
So yesterday was a very lucky scratchcard day.

Today, promised Amelia we'd make the swizzles, it made 3 swizzles in one cut :O) and then she proceeded to decorate two with glitter gel glue and little jewels, which one did I make ????

16 February, 2012

Thursday twitterings

Just a quickie, We've got water WHEYHEYHEY... you don't realise how much you miss something until it's gone, we started defrosting yesterday afternoon and after boiling another bowl of water to wash up, heard some gurgling at 9pm and yup the water was back on and fully defrosted. Great news for us all, I was too overwhelmed to take a shower last night but oh it was beautiful to have a lovely warm shower this morning and wash my hair in my own home *bliss*

Been busy catching up on the washing and drying, changing the beds...but I did get time to make this little tweet for a friend in the UK, her daughter is 2 ( I thought it was end of feb )and she told me yesterday its Monday...so after french lessons this afternoon, got busy and an hour and half later and 21 colour changes this little beauty was born

I just put some backing on and shoved a quick bit of binding on and it's ready to go in the post tomorrow morning, let's hope it can get to her for Monday but if not it'll be a tuesday pressie :O)

On Valentines I made the kids some of the little hearts I'd seen around blogland but typically of me I left it too late and could only get huge red sweets which made it impossible to sew around so not a great success, the kids seemed to like them but next year i'm looking for red skittles or m&ms

and I also managed to get my name quilt binding on and that's going in the post tomorrow too, the person doesn't blog, doesn't post on the flicker group but she does post on the quilting board but i'm going to put the pictures here anyway as its highly unlikely she'll see them, it's reversible and from what I found out on the net she likes purple and has a beagle...so that's why there is an embroidered beagle on the sewing machine (hope it is the same woman)  and I'm looking forward to receiving mine in the next month.

13 February, 2012

Monday Madness

The cold weather continues, we've now been without a running tap in the house for 15 days, without water anywhere in any of the buildings for 4 days...oh and now the toilet wastepipe has frozen up... GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR luckily we have another toilet that's not frozen but lugging bottled water up to flush it is a pain... it was supposed to all thaw today and it started but looks like it'll stop fairly soon as it's dropped to -1 again. First time in 15 days its been to 0 though so thinks are looking up :O)

Kid's went back to school after a week off due to bad weather and we're about to pick them up soon, hope everything went ok for them. 

And this is my sewing update :-


 I got busy yesterday with embroidery machine and this pretty valentines is now adorning my sewing room...

I've been busy quilting and making binding for my name swop mini quilt :O) I'm hoping to finish it on Wednesday at patchwork club and finish sewing the binding.

Last week I appliqued the hearts onto a square block,  my machine applique needs some practice around the smooth edges on these, it is getting better and I know I need to fuse them because alot of the problem was they shifted as I was sewing...note to self fuse before using the big shot... so now we've got a pretty Valentines pot holder :)  Amelia is very happy about it....

The sew along is coming along, got some hearts to embroider and some wording to put on the bottom right and then it's finished, won't be done for Valentines but I'm hoping I might get it done in the next week or so.

Now for the exciting part :-
I've won a cross stich pattern from victorian motto samplers
I've won five fat quarters from annies ruby slipperz and I won a beautiful patchwork heart sachet from shes in the stitching coop

08 February, 2012

I want to be somewhere hot....

Yup, it's true,I really want to be in some far off country, soaking up the sun, I'm officially fed up of being snowbound and when not snowed in, iced in...its been no warmer than -10C at night for the last 10 days, we had -16C last night with -23C as windchill factor, not above -3 at all in the day either... my car's killed it's battery, the snowplough came down the road but left ice and they commune don't have salt or grit to help the road. The water's frozen up (dh has a tap in his workshop working so the poor love is carrying in containers of water, we're distributing it throughout the neighbourhood too and washing hair over the sink, flushing loo's with buckets etc etc ) the kids haven't got school, luckily we're doing ok for food and have wood for heating, the house is nice and warm *thank god* here's some piccies I took today when I *hoped* we were defrosting...bit optimistic I think. 

The postman did manage to deliver something for me today though ;O)I've been busy cutting out hearts with it.... I had a bargain day on Monday, Sizzix have had 1.5" strip die on sale at £17 for well over a month, well I wanted to wait until I knew the machine was on it's way, logged on to order and they had the 2.5" strip die on special too £17... so guess what needed to be done :) just need to find the 25" cutting plate which apparently is out of stock everywhere but hopefully in the next few weeks it'll be back in stock, along with the tumbler and some more quilting dies arriving in March, does anyone know how difficult an apple core quilt is to sew with the seams ??

So Amelia and I are going to be making some heart blocks or a runner or something, I haven't fused them though :( so perhaps they won't work as well, I know I should have but I just wanted to cut....

Haven't felt much like sewing, its been a bit depressing being stuck in but I got it together a bit and machine quilted my mug rug/pot holder (amelia says its too big for a cuppa and a biccie)


I put the feed dogs down on the Janome and used aurifil 40wt, just decided to try something new and got busy.... I've never tried straight lines without the walking foot, not sure I will again either but it was interesting. No funny eyes or problems with tension on the back either, needs an iron now :)
Quite like the spirally alien hands coming to get you bit

I also got on with my LOVE SAL and would've got the hand embroidery bit done too except my mum has my threads and I can't get out to her to get them (perhaps tomorrow eh...)

Am using all different fabrics from my stash and am not going to use red...when I showed it to DH he said, hope thats not for me !!! charming eh... true love and all that

Finally I got on and did block 6 of the christmas SAL and have just one block left to do, was quite enjoyable stitching with the snow outside, except amelia got confused and thought it'll be Christmas again soon....eeeerrr NO...

Its here

More later

03 February, 2012

Freezing Friday

Yup, its absolutely FREEEEEEEZING here, -10C when I took the kids to school this morning, with windchill even lower....one weather forecast is showing -23C with windchill next week and it's set to continue, at least the next 8 days before we get to the giddy heights on +2C.  We've got no water in the house, the pipes have frozen up but luckily DH's shed still has water so we're bucketing it in and washing up with water boiling on the hob or kettle :) washing is easy enough but we can't manage showers, so if it continues it'll be a trip to my mums for us all.
Anyway as it's so cold and I can't really clean much, I was busy on the machine.  I'm much happier with the twister name quilt that i've made, I'm ready to quilt it and I'm putting the other one on the backside so the participant can chose which side she prefers :) 

While I was at it, i've made a mug rug, mini quilt for myself, I just love the fabric so much and I realised that I haven't got a mug rug at all :) 
I've also discovered STARCH and how to properly press my seams, to just hold it down and not move it, my joins have been better and the ironing much stiffer with the starch.

02 February, 2012

Applique rules

I'm going to get on tomorrow and finish what I started tonight...can you guess what it is yet ????   the border is so cute, its little purple words and definitions from the dictionary, I'm much happier and when its finished with a name, it'll be a much better alternative, if I can work out how to quilt it I might add the other one as the backing, the owner can choose which she prefers then.

Yesterday, the kids were home from school as it was Wednesday but it was bitterly cold -8 without windchill in the DAY !!! so we stayed indoors and I took an hour out for myself and machine appliqued the words from the SAL. TBH I'm thrilled with it, I used embroidery thread and I changed the applique stitch size to a smaller one, I was really worried i'd muck it up especially as the letters are so thin but no ;o) now all I need is to get to mums to collect the cross stitch thread, do some hearts (might even try them on the machine) and I've finished for this week 

01 February, 2012

nice postman.....

Look what my nice postman gave to me today, he didn't bring me my big shot from Sizzix, I'm getting irritated now, it's 3 weeks since I ordered it and I knew it was 2 weeks...but no communication from the company is not good.

but he did bring me 18 yards of fabric :o) my cupboards are very nearly full. I love the Hoffman purple with the leaves...and the red,green,blue,orange has little ladybirds on it.  The yellow, aqua are also scrummy...
I'm going to try and knock up a small twister for my name game swopper, especially as no one commented on it, (so I'm thinking its a no....im sorta inclines that way to) so it'll be a twister with her name (i've looked and found out she likes purples so perhaps the hoffman) and I may use the completed
one too for the other side.