11 January, 2012

WIP Wednesday

Its another WIP Wednesday and i'm hooking up with Lee at Freshly Pieced...
The latest anti biotics & steroids that I'm on to try and shift this cold/cough/bad chest/tonsilitis that's been plaguing me for 3 months now have obviously got some form of speed or anthetimine in them... EG last night (this morning) I went to sleep at 1.30am and then was wide awake at 6.05am and had sorted out and put washing in, cooked a curry and had a lemon cake in the oven by 6.53.. sales start here in France today so I also spent some time buying kids clothes and myself the Sizzix :O)
It's one of my quilting friends birthday today Clare from Dordogne Quilter and I'd sent her a pressie parcel, a quilters journal (forgot to take photo) and I embroidered a little plaque for it..isn't it cute...must get on with one for my sewing area I think

Anyway, back to WIP....  the 12 days of Christmas sampler has moved on a bit, I was not cutting too accurately so decided to make my squares 31/4"  ahh well I hit upon a problem with one of the blocks so cheated and am appliquing it on when I do my FMQ over the top... then the sashing went on and it's not fantastic and some of the blocks are now less than even (spy the bow tie) but its being quilted, its being bound and it'll look pretty enough hung up in my space... oh and I STILL hate BATIKS !!!!  I didn't actually buy these ones, they were given to me but the scraps are going to a swop or a friend who likes batiks cos I'm not using them again..each time I think ewwww, its mad because I love them when other people use them, just not when I do...

Go take a look at the other linky's some of the  WIP are awesome

And finally I received the log cabin pattern from the giveaway win and also found out I've won a ticket to l'Aiguille en fĂȘte which is a big exposition in Paris, lots of embroidery, art textiles, boutis and patchwork expos.
2012 seems quite lucky for me so far :) 

Am off for an early night and hopefully a good sleep :)


  1. hope the good luck lasts through the year xx

  2. That embroidery is SO cute! Good for you for deciding that your quilt is just fine.(and it is!)

  3. Pippa - it is more beautiful "in the flesh". Thank you so much.

    Love from a batik lover *grin*.


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