31 January, 2012

Tuesday's Twitterings...

Yup, it snowed.... we had about 2 inches on the road and 4 or 5 on the hedges, ditches, cars etc. I phoned Jacques school and the teachers had got in and electric, heating etc was on so Phil drove him in in the 4x4, he was the only one in 11 fellow classmates, some who live a 2 minute walk away.  I think if the teachers get in (they come from alot further away) then at least the kids parents should make an effort.  He had  great day doing some computer work and some maths.  I got on with cutting sashing for the boss's quilt and catching up on paperwork, while Amelia played on my laptop. 
We made a scrummy yummy lemon cake too and had it for tea.  Tomorrow i'm thinking scotch pancakes with maple syrup for breakfast as there's no school and we won't be rushing out the door.

About 7pm, I finally decided to join in with valentine Sewalong from SewHappy.me, I got busy choosing fabric, cutting out letters and shapes. I've fused them on and need to zig zag them with the machine and when I get out will rummage embroidery thread to enhance it.  I quite enjoyed it and am hoping it doesn't get to UFO stage :O)

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  1. As much as I know how quiliters go for blend, this looks as random as we could possibly try to do. IT's gorgeous. You did a lovely job. Hugs.


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