29 January, 2012

Sunday stutterings

It's been a bit of a weird week. Amelia being sick has held up quilting progress, mainly as she wants to *help* all the time. We did get her lovely dolly quilt made though :)
I'm still waiting for my Sizzix machine to arrive and i'm trying to source the quilting dies but Sizzix UK don't stock them until March and Sizzix US refuse to ship to Europe ARGHHH, I'm contemplating selling hexagons, tumblers etc already cut on Ebay.fr. I would like to start thinking about what I can do when the kids aren't needing me so much, I could use some of my own independence but it's really difficult here to start a business...anyway that's in the future.
This week I won another giveaway :)  applique addict had a pun giveaway, her and her DH chose the most entertaining ones, it was a big giveaway with lots of goodies, I won these beautiful hand dyed fabrics from quilt hexle and can't wait to receive them, will be great with the sizzle when it finally gets here...

here's my SAL block finished  and I'm starting on the Christmas tree block next. 

I may have another finish to show you tomorrow, its a very old old UFO and it's my mum's not mine, she made lots of the squares but hasn't got around to sewing them up, so I might get chance tonight or tomorrow.
I ordered more fabric too, a whopping 18 yards :) from fabric shack again, spent alot of time last week trying to order batting for patchwork club, except my usual uk suppliers don't seem to have hobbs 100% cotton and the french like the 100% not the 80/20 I use... has anyone used the quilters dream and what's it like for hand quilting ? and anyone uk/europe based, where do u get your batting from ?

I've been wracking my brains what to do for my name swop quilt, I've got a very long name to use a minimum of 9 letters !!! and I'm pretty stumped as she doesn't appear to blog or post photos so not sure what she will or won't like. I have embroidered a little square so am thinking perhaps 2 little blocks (pinwheels perhaps) and then applique her name or something..anyone got any inspiration for me ??


  1. Yeah, you have bought the Sizzix! I haven't used my GO for a while...there always seems to be something else to do first. Hope it arrives soon and you can play. I ordered some dies from Amazon for my Go, they came from US but would only deliver to UK (go figure) so I sent them to a friend and she reposted to me here. Anyone would think France was on the moon sometimes...I don't know why people wont post anywhere, as long as we pay the postage what is the difference!! Enjoy the Sizz Linda

  2. Hello Pippa! I'm thrilled to have a new follower & look forward to getting to know you. Your work is lovely and blog a delight to visit. I hope you'll stop by again to visit! Huggers. Coopy


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