16 January, 2012

Something to look forward to

This is definitely something to look forward to in February. Melissa  at Happy Quilting has organised a simply charmed blog hop, looks alot of fun :)

On Sunday, Amelia and I made a very quick pincushion, she chose the fabric and the buttons and got the stuffing, I literally just sewed a shell type shape, here's the finished pincushion

She thinks it looks like a butterfly which is what she wanted...see the butterfly buttons too. Then today i'm reading the various blogs and Love laugh quilt Here is having a pincushion Parade, so i'm linking up :)


  1. I love quick projects. Your's is a winner!

  2. its a wonderful and quick to do pincushion¡
    and it sure look like a butterfly

  3. Bonjour!!!! I just joined the parade and am enjoying all the different pincushions. Is Amelia your daughter? I love butterflies too!

  4. Hello, the pincushions are a necessary tool in the sewing room of yours look so cute, color and detail of the butterflies, makes a difference! greetings, Rose M.

  5. Great pincushion project. Thanks for sharing.


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