23 January, 2012

Proud mummy day...

My little four year old is home from school ill, she's got an ear, chest and throat infection and is home all week,the Doc said she can go back next week. I started making a dresden plate cushion because I saw an old tutorial from sewmamasew and I wanted to make one, I don't know where for, perhaps DH will have it in is room as it's grey and black.  I had to stop which was annoying because I thought I might get to the quilting part today....and do you know why....because Amelia wanted to make a quilt for her dolly....

dolly quilt layout
 Thinking it'd be a one minute wonder, I told her to choose 20 squares from my scrap bin and put them in 5 rows of 4, she choose purples and I was surprised at her layouts, she moved things around, didn't like the same ones close to each other..
Then I taught her how to line up the squares and pin them together... she loves taking photos so thought she needed one so we can document her quilting afternoon for her school book.

she realised when she made mistakes and put the fabric the wrong way to pin... I sat her on my lap and we used the Janome to start sewing the squares together. The Janome sews itself, it has a start/stop button and you can program it to stitch a certain length, so I was quite happy to let her just guide the fabric and lift the foot up and replace the fabric with the next lot of squares and press go again :)

 We sewed them into rows and then joined the rows...the flimsy was finished, but it wasn't enough...oh no, little lady wanted the dolly quilt FINISHED !!! she said it needs the little strips round the edge mummy, err no Amelia, it doesn't really need a border not for a little dolly, so she grabbed her doll and measured it up against the quilt, yup it's fine without borders mummy. So we hunted through the stash for some backing and some *lamb stuffing*, we pinned it and then she sewed around to birth it, I let her decide when to start/stop and how to turn the machine for the edges. Then I told her to turn it inside out.

I hand stitched the opening closed for her and ironed it all, she said it didn't need any quilting cos it was just for a dolly and she was tired :)
Writing the label
The backing is from her ballerina quilt, that's currently on her bed 

We are all so proud of her and finally, I made her write her name for the label, I told her that in many years to come her kids might use it for their dolly's.

Finished Article

Very happy and proud girlie with her first quilt

Then time for a piccie with her first finished quilt, her dolly and then her dolly and her enjoying a snuggle.

So I'm linking up to Manic Monday, not for me but for my 4 year old who it looks like might have the quilting bug already and who, might be stealing my stash in the foreseeable future

Manic Monday Link Up        


  1. One very proud Mum and a very chuffed Amelia. Lovely!

  2. start them young...keep them interested xx Hope she soon feels better xx


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