24 January, 2012

Dresden Plate or a camel's bum

Well, today I got on and appliqued the dresden plate on, then I got to thinking I'd make it into a cushion rather than a wall hanging...then I got the stuffing out and decided to stuff the red center, the petals looked a bit weird, so I stuffed them...

DH has now said it looks like a camel's bum....so do I destuff, leave it as it is or try and reduce the stuffing but then the petals look really *loose* but perhaps it does look a bit overstuffed... I fancy it for a cushion for my sewing chair to the firmer the better I reckon..was going to send it to my bro for his birthday because I made him a quilt with the same fabrics, but dont think so now..hmmm


  1. I have to admit it does look a bit starnge xxx lol

  2. Your post title totally made me laugh! I don't see it as being a big issue -- the stuffing will probably settle down. Can you press it down, maybe put some big books on it to see if it will flatten a bit? Personally, if it was for my sister or brother-in-law, I'd send it to them as is -- they probably wouldn't even notice anything amiss! :)


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