15 January, 2012

Picasa and Quokka Quilts...

You know how Quokka Quilts has been running the Fat Quarter bundle giveaway since Christmas, you have to choose 3 solids and 12 patterned fabrics from Fat Quarter shop.. you'd have to have been half asleep not to notice all the nice collages of fabric popping up here and there on blogland. I've chosen mine weeks ago and kept thinking, must get it into collage format with picasa and post about it. Well tomorrow 15th is the last day... I run Linux and Picasa stopped support for Linux as they reckon it's not in use much...DOH !!!! I use picasa via google but that doesn't do collages as it's the online version. So I've spent hours today googling, trying to find old download and I've managed to install and get it running.... quite a feat especially without bro or DH helping (their techies by trade and always go, just install this, just do that or DH infuriatingly says... try google ARGHHH FFS just do it for me babe) however he's busy cutting up a van (literally) so I thought i'd do it myself and it's working ... I ROCK !!!! but it did mean I haven't had time to sew *sigh* but oh well, so look out for lots of collages :)  and here's my selection for the give away.

Have you noticed there are some of the B words in that selection...hmmm I've bought a Sizzlix large flower die and it needs B's..... I need some help choosing some appropriate ones but that can wait until another day.

Yard Sale Cantaloupe Confetti Dots Yardage
Mimosa Yellow and Orange Basketweave Yardage
Mimosa Light Orange Basketweave Yardage

Meet Me At Sunset Orange Stained Glass Yardage
Meet Me At Sunset Orange Butterflies Yardage
Mimosa Orange Ikat Yardage

Stella Light Orange Solid Yardage
Bella Solids Butterscotch Yardage
SKU# 9900-36
Bella Solids Golden Wheat Yardage
SKU# 9900-103
Meringue Tonga Batiks Ivory Fossil Leaf Yardage
SKU# B6233-Ivory
Creamsicle Tonga Batiks Tangerine Dotty Bias Wave Yardage
SKU# B6907-Tangerine
Creamsicle Tonga Batiks Orange Blotchy Dot Yardage
SKU# B7798-Orange
Creamsicle Tonga Batiks Creamsicle Trumpet Flower Yardage
SKU# B8410-Creamsicle

Primrose Tonga Batiks Sprout Mini Palm Yardage
SKU# B8540-Sprout
Coco Berry Tonga Batiks Caramel Heavy Rain Yardage


  1. well done I'm hopless and get my son to do these sorts of thing for me!! x

  2. Well done on figuring out the mosaic! Lovely fabrics - good luck!


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