16 January, 2012

One Thing, One week FINISH !!!!

Ohh these link ups and Finish a longs are really encouraging me to get UFO's and things finished.  If it wasn't for One Thing, One Week I really wouldn't have got my 12 Days of Christmas finished by today, I quilted it yesterday afternoon and was sewing the binding on last night while watching Sherlock.  Think I'm going to hang it in my sewing room near the window.

It's not perfect but it'll do :O)

am linking up for Manic Monday at sew happy geek
This week, I also made the pincushion and the tote bag from start to finish :)  I'm trying to get my tablet cover made and finish one of the sew a longs parts...but its possible I'll get diverted this week.


  1. I love the colors. Great job!

  2. Pippa - you are exhausting me. I can't keep up! We're currently going through a spate of red and white days on EDF's Option Tempo which means no iron donc no sewing which is a real bummer as I'm in the process of finishing my "batik" lib log cabins. It's not as if I can catch up the the washing so I suppose I'll have to garden instead!

  3. There are SO-SEW many wonderful/fun/motivational linkies...that I truely wish there were more days in the week to LINK!

    You have some wunnyFULL projects goin on! It's not just another manic monday...it's YOUR creeee-ation day!


  4. My finish is my 12 Days of Christmas top also. I love your color combination. I wish I had thought of mixing the days up like you did! It was fun - now I just have to quilt it.

  5. Neat colors and congrats on a wonderful finish!


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