19 January, 2012

Nice day out...

Good Evening all, nice day out today, mum and I were off to pick up my dad from Poitiers airport, he's had a few days in the UK... Mondial Tissues (eeerr like a basic fabric store in the uk but it has lots of cheap pins,needles, machine oil and ribbons etc) had a sale on...so I bought some goodies

10metres of pink double binding for 2E  2.57$ £1.67 and this really cute picture frame, I couldn't resist for 3E £2.50  isn't it sweet...lovely little buttons now to find a picture or I might just write some witty comment on some fabric and put it in.
Anyone know any button rhymes ???

I love Mondial Tissue bags too but my other store NEVER has them in stock, so I treated myself for carrying my things to patchwork club

and not really anything patchworky but I loved them and they look so cute in my lounge, peeking over the settees looking at various wall hangings, quilts or towards the windows, how cute are these fellers ??

Finally, I've been busy this week making a cover for my tablet, you couldn't dream how difficult I seemed to make it. I didn't want the same fabric on front/back, it had to have some cardboard in it to protect the screen and give it some weight, DH thought it should have cardboard along the top rim and as it lives in the sewing room I needed it to be able to stand up with the cover on... easy eh...ehh NO !!!

I'm not 100% happy with it but it'll do...oh and I'm going to write on the right hand side Pippa's Pad I think :) although DH will argue its not a pad its a tablet, does it really matter ???


  1. what ever it is called it looks good from here xx

  2. Looks ok to me.

    Oohh love tht bag. Must plan a trip to Limoges soon. Poitiers is just that little bit too far.


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