01 January, 2012

New Years Resolutions

A new year, lots of new ideas floating around in my head and lots of UFO's I want to try and finish...
I've just been in the sewing room and taken photo's of my UFO's, need to look for a strike through list or something for blogger...any help guys ??

Kaaren from The Painted Quilt is an inspiration to me, I love her blog, I love her house, her pictures, her stitchery.  In fact the Raggedy's is one of my UFO's (forgot to take a picture) and I ADORED her new labels, she's posted that they are from Mommie Made It and I am SERIOUSLY tempted, think it would be a really great as I don't like labelling my quilts and giveaways and a cute little label would be enough...think I might be shopping later :o)
Kaaren then tempted me further with a 12 days of Christmas mini mystery quilt sampler from Temecula Quilt Co and it looks like something I could do quite quickly or use it for a hand sewing project when I'm travelling in the van to the UK next week....

I've spent alot of time trying to work out what im doing this year and I *think* I'm going to link up with a UFO finishing party but more of that when I get time to investigate and the kids aren't getting on at me to help them with lego.

Here's my UFO pile

 14 blocks of the SBS quilt done, there are 140 blocks so i'm 10% done, I started it I think in 2008 or 2009, when I was living in the mobile home and didn't have my sewing machine handy, so decided I'd do a hand sewing piecing project...needless to say didn't get much done, so this year I'm going to use the machine and hopefully get a further 50 blocks minimum, one a week and a holiday week :) still seems alot though

next is the Christmas SAL, I've got 1 block part done, 1 block drawn on the muslin, 1 block still to print out and 4 finished, want to get this done rapidly as I've got the thread all sorted and its a take along thing when Jacques has the speech therapist. It was designed to be a bunting type SAL but we're running out of room so it might need to be changed into a wall hanging or something

Then I've got my spring quilt, I'm in a quandry as I feel it needs a larger border but I haven't got the fabric, so either quilt it as it is and put a multicoloured binding on or buy more variegated fabric and have a large 5 inch or so border...this is my preferred option I think.... I could also just use this as the promised Parkinson's quilt for my DH's boss which needs to be done before April but I think it's a bit bright and I really LOVE the colours, the quilts I give away are always the ones I feel are my best colour choices and I often think, damn I should've kept that.....

Next is a project, I started, liked, didn't like, nearly chucked it away, hand quilted some, machine quilted some, thought oh god I'll just burn it and I'm now thinking perhaps I'll just finish the damn thing, it'll do on a window sill and it was a learning process, I used cheap cotton mix backing and some thick poly batting. So some straight line quilting on the baskets (if I can find the thread I used)  and shove a binding on...

A mystery quilt from our patchwork club, I HATE mystery quilts, I like to know what I'm going to finish up with, I started this, hated it, liked the fabric and thought oh damn it, I'm not continuing with it but it seems a shame to chuck away fabric, think I might make another 4 random blocks, shove a border on and use it as a practice piece for my machine quilting.

I want to do the December 25th stitchery that I'm pretty sure was by Sew Happy Me again (will check the print out) but it'll be a autumn start...gosh I've just remembered I've got Kaaren's (Painted Quilt) Halloween Hauntings to finish, it should look like this when finished....

I also fancy making this quilt as my biggish project for 2012 and I've been stashing some country looking fabrics and for the Parkinsons quilt Ive dug through my books and fabric and think this bands of gold quilt might be nice with the moda jelly roll, springy but not AS bright as the spring quilt, not sure on sashing colour yet but think I'll get busy sewing the strips and perhaps some inspiration may hit.

Also need to make a mug rug in January and a quick gift for one of my quilty friends and I've promised a birthday tweet embroidery for February and have promised the kids more tweet embroidery hangers..... Plus DH and I really need our red and white bed quilt and the camper will WANT some quilts if I manage to get hold of enough Happy Camper TOO fabric...

Gosh and here was me thinking I might be able to fit in the sewhappygeek quilt along I don't want to buy any more fabric and although I adore the aqua, grey, red combo if I *do* the quilt along I'm going to have to use some stash, how about these colours...not sure what do you all think ????

corr, i'm exhausted just reading it all, let alone finishing it all...ahh well it's only the 1st day of 2012, just as well we've got another 365 days to go :) off to cook out late New Year's Day roast dinner

Wishing you all a very happy and crafty 2012 :)

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  1. Pippa - I'm exhausted just reading this list!

    Happy New Year and hope to meet up sometime soon. xxx


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