30 January, 2012

Never again....

I'm never going in another finished item swop again, if I even think about it, someone remind me no...  I really wanted to do the name mini quilt swop, had some nice ideas, wanted to use the sizzix for some hearts, flowers, etc etc...name would be fairly easy and hopefully I'd get lots of ideas from the person, they'd blog or be active on the flicker site... guess what I get a no blogger, not a dickie bird on flicker, searched on FB/forums etc... I'm hoping I've got the right person, she likes beagles and has one, shes TEACHES kids how to quilt and has a long name like 9 letters !!!!   I made this up today but i'm really not sure, I had to obscure the embroidered name in the top left and if my sizzix arrives i'll applique some little shapes in that block as it's too plain...don't want to bother quilting it yet incase something else takes my fancy...what do u reckon ??

My mum's UFO I sewed up the remaining squares and then gave it back to her to make another two and we'll get the little table runner finished ready to donate to Patchwork club for the Christmas market. Must try and find time to make something now and again to donate so its not a mad rush in December.

I've been looking at the lovely swoon blocks that are around blogland and then came across the carpenters block, which is identical if you use some different fabric on the rectangle bits, I was checking out the quilting board forum and girls there have made huge 48" swoon blocks and then bordered them,  I really like that idea but I also love the look of the 9 24" swoon blocks on a quilt, but perhaps i'll just try the 48....if I can get fabric choices together, i'll wait until my next fabric delivery arrives, can't remember if I ordered anything snazzy or not, plus I need to get on with Phil's boss's quilt and I've got my spring quilt to finish which I probably needed to buy more fabric as I want a really wide border or a pieced border.

I'm in the process of marking out a smallish project just for me to take to patchwork, going to make a celtic wallhanging and thought i'd do it all by hand but perhaps when I think how much quicker it'd be to zigzag it...hmmm but I definitely need something I can take to patchwork club and just pick it up and put it back until 2 weeks time iykwim....

We've had snow today and the school buses aren't running tomorrow, so there won't be many at school, we could get the oldest Jacques to school but he wouldn't do much actual work so perhaps we'll let them both have a snow day, it's not even that much at the moment 1-2 inches but it's still falling.

Also need to get on and embroider the valentines tweet and the birthday one for my friend who has a 2 year old who adores owls...what a clever girl :O)
perhaps tomorrow if the kids are home and let me sit there and change threads every 2 minutes :O)

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