20 January, 2012

A little bit of stitching

Got around to doing a little bit of stitching, I started Phil's boss's charity quilt, his wife has Parkinsons and its early onset, she's had it for probably 3+ years now and is getting progressively worse, so DH volunteered me to make a quilt to sell, auction or give away at the next fundraiser... which is at Easter, so I thought I better get a shift on.
I had some lovely springy feeling fabric on a honey bun, so started sewing them into strips of five. I searched on moda then and came up with this pattern counting by fives

now what colour sashing do I use, the yellow, the aqua or buy new fabric ???

 here we have the aqua/blue and the yellow with some of the 5 strips
 the blue/aqua with 5 strips (little birdies on the blue)
yellow or blue (birdies on both)

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