10 January, 2012

Italian generosity knows no bounds....

Gobsmacked, thrilled, amazed, word's don't describe how I feel to be honest...
remember I won the blog hop prize from Mary at the curious quilter (blogged about it here astounded ) and Luisa   http://www.luisaquiltfriends.it/
got in contact with Mary who kindly passed the message onto me and then I hooked up with Luisa who wanted to send me a COMPLETED 144 block wedding quilt as a GIFT !!!!!  for me to put a border on, back and quilt.. well it's arrived in the post.... The pictures do not do it justice as I haven't got the floor big enough and the weather is grey and miserable but here it is !!!!

I took it out of the box (with clean hands) and it is beautiful, the work involved for an older lady she is very talented and the generosity to send it to an unknown person, it brings a lump to my throat. I am taking it to my patchwork club tomorrow and I know the ladies will be thrilled with it.

At the moment (I reckon its at least 2m square) It's too big to quilt on my frame so dh will have to move the frame into the lounge and i'll add the extensions when i'm ready.  So am on the lookout for extra wide backing fabric on sale in the US and will order some batting from the UK once I measure it, will be using ITALIAN Aurifil thread to quilt...need to think of a border or not, I've always felt that bed quilts aren't quilts without wavy borders, so think I'll put a scallop edge on it and as  we're renovating our house and hadn't decided on a bedroom colour and dh thinks it'd look great on our bed, so it's decided, our room will be blue and white.

Thank you so much Luisa, it will be deeply treasured :O)


  1. OMG Pippa - it's gorgeous. Has DH now changed his mind about the red quilt?

  2. no the red quilt is for our current bedroom which will be the spare room :O)

  3. Oh my, but Luisa's blocks are stunning! I was absolutely thrilled for you when she wrote me about them. Her site is amazing, she is an impressive quilter. You are one lucky girl!!

    - Mary, The Curious Quilter

  4. this is just soo amazing.... speachless is right xx

  5. take off 44 blocks all around ( top 10x10 blocks) and make a top 7x6=42 blocks, you have another small quil for children--- the top is so big because I don't add fabric around,

  6. Luisa, I have a superking bed 180cm x 200cm so the size is perfect :)

  7. NOW I am really happy for you. I apologize for my poor english ...


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