01 January, 2012

Happy New Year !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome to 2012 we've just welcomed it in here in France, another hour and my family & friends in the UK will be seeing in the New Year. To all other friends throughout the world by the time I wake up on the 1st January it'll be 2012 everywhere :o)
Had a chilled New Years Eve and finished an owl embroidery, can't believe I was sewing on binding this afternoon but I had to get it finished to hang on the wall at midnight...am planning to make more for every month or season, I adore them...

the backing fabric is gorgeous balloons with silver sparkle, wish I'd bought more of it...
Tea/Supper was a mix of aperitifs for us all, pizzas, nibbles, crisps, cheeses, pate's and sausage rolls from the uk :O) delish and a thoroughly enjoyable evening with lots of booze....off to watch the fireworks on the TV

Happy New Year !!!!

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  1. That embroidery is adorable, Pippa! Happy New Year to you too!


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