15 January, 2012

FMQ catch up

Yup, I've been slacking and haven't done any FMQ which has been frustrating because I really seem to *get*  what Leah has been talking about and on Wednesday I started FMQ the 12 days of Christmas mini quilt, as it wasn't that well pieced I thought it'd be perfect for the wiggling part.   Pull out the Janome, loaded it up with Aurifil 50 for the top and invisible thread for the bobbin...grrrr it just didn't *flow* tension and stuff was fine but it actually felt really sluggy and slow after the brother 1500 on the frame.... so took it to patchwork and unpicked it... Haven't had a chance all week and because I need to finish the mini quilt for the Monday One thing, one finish challenge I decided today was going to be the day.  I got DH to pull the Brother off the frame, cleaned out all the fluff and bits of dust, gave it a good oiling and loaded it up... Aurifil on the top and invisible on the bottom, turned it over so I was effectively quilting the back and got busy....

It's harder for me to quilt it at the machine than on the frame, (see all the angular bits) I seem to have a better flow when standing and jiggling than fighting the fabric at the machine, but I was at full speed. Am going to look for a pair of gloves, I know i've got them somewhere or put it back on the frame but I kinda liked having a go on a little thing.  Tomorrow, will try some of the YLI thread and do the proper assignment, want to try making the wiggles bigger because I seem stuck in the must do it small loop...  these QAL's and FAL's definitely seem to help me focus :)

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  1. Hmm - how about the same thread in both bobbin and top. Seems to help me get started with the FMQ.

    Couldn't see the photos - look foward to seeing them later.


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