05 January, 2012

First Finish of 2012 and ARGHHHH

 It's been quite a frantic start back to school and work for DH...plus I've been ill with tonsilitis and means another dose of anti biotics. I've got so much sewing I want to get started and kids, housework and being knackered hasn't helped.... I'm off to UK for a flying visit to pick up a DRAG BIKE with my DH, first weekend without kids probably since Amelia was born 4 years ago, we're sorta jinxed, every time we plan a trip, a meal out, anything special one of us gets ill, the kids do or we have breakdowns with vehicles, etc etc... When we got engaged on NYE 2011,  (opps edited, NYE 2010/NYD 2011 if you know what I mean) We'd bought the ring, prebooked flights, hotels to Loch Lomand in Scotland and DH came down with the most awful flu just after Christmas, made his diabetes play up and we both sat in our PJ's and stayed at home... he finally proposed by putting the foam  bath letters kids have on the bathroom mirror with will you marry me, I was in the bath at the time... :o)
Keep your fingers crossed for us, although it's really wet and windy here atm

Anyway, I promised a mug rug to a friend in Paris and I really wanted to make something for a special quilty friend who's birthday is next week. It's not gonna be much now but if I can get on the machine tonight, who knows she might get something for her birthday.

BUT The mug rug is the first start and finish of 2012

way to go eh :O)  I started it as a red/white/green log cabin on Monday, then got liberated and cut it into triangles, then resewed it as a rectangle...realised it wasn't really what my friend would like, I asked her and I could almost here the *oh my god no* in the internet atmosphere. She said she liked aqua's, teals, browns, etc etc so I got busy with the Janome and voila... going in the post this afternoon :O) 
Back with Label, I'm contemplating making some labels of my own

It is squarer than it looks, and she's called Linda so there's the L....


  1. That is the cutest proposal!! Hope you're feeling better soon! Love the stitching on your mug rug :)

  2. I love that embroidery! And what a sweet proposal. :) blessings, marlene


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