09 January, 2012

Being a good girl

Yup, I'm being such a good girl. Quilter's Gap Finish a long is really helping me. I've been itching to start my dh's bosses quilt and have sorted strips into colours and patterns, even pinned some and told my DH I was going to get on with it this week.  BUT I sat down at the machine and thought, nope I need to finish the 12 days of Christmas sampler first...so this afternoon, I've got on with it and just have one small block to finish (I did do it but it's too big for my finished size and can't be cut down, so it's going in the scrap box and I need to make it again) and then I'm going to try sashing it and bordering it...might even get it quilted as it's a mini quilt and binded by Friday afternoon but.... I AM GOING TO FINISH IT BY NEXT MONDAY  and to prove it, I'm linking up with amyscreativeside one thing one week challenge
I love the idea of this kind of challenge, especially for this little sampler... and I'm taking the santa SAL redwork with me to stitch tomorrow while my boy is with his speech therapist... see my halo shining

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