02 January, 2012

Astounded !!!!

You know how I won a log cabin pattern from Mary at the curious quilter well she emailed to say the pattern has been posted and also that she'd got a message on her blog that looks to be for me,

I like Log Cabin pattern too, I quilt since 1979 and I live in Genoa-Italy- I made a Log Cabin quilt for Christmas gift for a friend- I have 144 log cabin blocks white/blu/light blu for another wedding quilt- do you want for you? for free, I mean for gift- later you sew and quilt–I am 74 and all my friends has a quilt made by me- send me your address- you can answer in french I studied at school but I write a lot of mistakes….

How completely amazing, how generous and I think I'm going to be in for a very pleasant surprise when I receive the blocks, have you seen Luisa's work, she's a very talented lady... I'm thinking perhaps I should gift the quilt when I finish it but perhaps I'll be selfish....

So it's a double win for me, thanks to Mary :O-)

oh and I'm linking up with Manic Monday Sew Happy Geek Manic Monday for my Christmas wreath twister so please go take a look at mine and the other great projects :) manic monday is certainly a great name for our first monday of the year !!!

EDITED 3rd January, Just had an email from Luisa to say she's actually made the TOP !!! and I *just* have to quilt it, wow how kind and generous, can't wait to see it and will be keeping it somewhere safe and practising lots before I let myself loose on it....Perhaps some Italian Aurifil thread might be needed !!!!

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