31 January, 2012

Tuesday's Twitterings...

Yup, it snowed.... we had about 2 inches on the road and 4 or 5 on the hedges, ditches, cars etc. I phoned Jacques school and the teachers had got in and electric, heating etc was on so Phil drove him in in the 4x4, he was the only one in 11 fellow classmates, some who live a 2 minute walk away.  I think if the teachers get in (they come from alot further away) then at least the kids parents should make an effort.  He had  great day doing some computer work and some maths.  I got on with cutting sashing for the boss's quilt and catching up on paperwork, while Amelia played on my laptop. 
We made a scrummy yummy lemon cake too and had it for tea.  Tomorrow i'm thinking scotch pancakes with maple syrup for breakfast as there's no school and we won't be rushing out the door.

About 7pm, I finally decided to join in with valentine Sewalong from SewHappy.me, I got busy choosing fabric, cutting out letters and shapes. I've fused them on and need to zig zag them with the machine and when I get out will rummage embroidery thread to enhance it.  I quite enjoyed it and am hoping it doesn't get to UFO stage :O)

30 January, 2012

Never again....

I'm never going in another finished item swop again, if I even think about it, someone remind me no...  I really wanted to do the name mini quilt swop, had some nice ideas, wanted to use the sizzix for some hearts, flowers, etc etc...name would be fairly easy and hopefully I'd get lots of ideas from the person, they'd blog or be active on the flicker site... guess what I get a no blogger, not a dickie bird on flicker, searched on FB/forums etc... I'm hoping I've got the right person, she likes beagles and has one, shes TEACHES kids how to quilt and has a long name like 9 letters !!!!   I made this up today but i'm really not sure, I had to obscure the embroidered name in the top left and if my sizzix arrives i'll applique some little shapes in that block as it's too plain...don't want to bother quilting it yet incase something else takes my fancy...what do u reckon ??

My mum's UFO I sewed up the remaining squares and then gave it back to her to make another two and we'll get the little table runner finished ready to donate to Patchwork club for the Christmas market. Must try and find time to make something now and again to donate so its not a mad rush in December.

I've been looking at the lovely swoon blocks that are around blogland and then came across the carpenters block, which is identical if you use some different fabric on the rectangle bits, I was checking out the quilting board forum and girls there have made huge 48" swoon blocks and then bordered them,  I really like that idea but I also love the look of the 9 24" swoon blocks on a quilt, but perhaps i'll just try the 48....if I can get fabric choices together, i'll wait until my next fabric delivery arrives, can't remember if I ordered anything snazzy or not, plus I need to get on with Phil's boss's quilt and I've got my spring quilt to finish which I probably needed to buy more fabric as I want a really wide border or a pieced border.

I'm in the process of marking out a smallish project just for me to take to patchwork, going to make a celtic wallhanging and thought i'd do it all by hand but perhaps when I think how much quicker it'd be to zigzag it...hmmm but I definitely need something I can take to patchwork club and just pick it up and put it back until 2 weeks time iykwim....

We've had snow today and the school buses aren't running tomorrow, so there won't be many at school, we could get the oldest Jacques to school but he wouldn't do much actual work so perhaps we'll let them both have a snow day, it's not even that much at the moment 1-2 inches but it's still falling.

Also need to get on and embroider the valentines tweet and the birthday one for my friend who has a 2 year old who adores owls...what a clever girl :O)
perhaps tomorrow if the kids are home and let me sit there and change threads every 2 minutes :O)

29 January, 2012

Sunday stutterings

It's been a bit of a weird week. Amelia being sick has held up quilting progress, mainly as she wants to *help* all the time. We did get her lovely dolly quilt made though :)
I'm still waiting for my Sizzix machine to arrive and i'm trying to source the quilting dies but Sizzix UK don't stock them until March and Sizzix US refuse to ship to Europe ARGHHH, I'm contemplating selling hexagons, tumblers etc already cut on Ebay.fr. I would like to start thinking about what I can do when the kids aren't needing me so much, I could use some of my own independence but it's really difficult here to start a business...anyway that's in the future.
This week I won another giveaway :)  applique addict had a pun giveaway, her and her DH chose the most entertaining ones, it was a big giveaway with lots of goodies, I won these beautiful hand dyed fabrics from quilt hexle and can't wait to receive them, will be great with the sizzle when it finally gets here...

here's my SAL block finished  and I'm starting on the Christmas tree block next. 

I may have another finish to show you tomorrow, its a very old old UFO and it's my mum's not mine, she made lots of the squares but hasn't got around to sewing them up, so I might get chance tonight or tomorrow.
I ordered more fabric too, a whopping 18 yards :) from fabric shack again, spent alot of time last week trying to order batting for patchwork club, except my usual uk suppliers don't seem to have hobbs 100% cotton and the french like the 100% not the 80/20 I use... has anyone used the quilters dream and what's it like for hand quilting ? and anyone uk/europe based, where do u get your batting from ?

I've been wracking my brains what to do for my name swop quilt, I've got a very long name to use a minimum of 9 letters !!! and I'm pretty stumped as she doesn't appear to blog or post photos so not sure what she will or won't like. I have embroidered a little square so am thinking perhaps 2 little blocks (pinwheels perhaps) and then applique her name or something..anyone got any inspiration for me ??

28 January, 2012

Not MIA...

I'm not missing in action,just not much going on as Amelia's been home from school all week and other things have got in the way of sewing.  Did finish my sal bear stitchery, just 2 more to go now and have cut the squares for charity quilt,just need to cut sashing..Will do a fuller post tomorrow, with news of my latest giveaway win.

24 January, 2012

Dresden Plate or a camel's bum

Well, today I got on and appliqued the dresden plate on, then I got to thinking I'd make it into a cushion rather than a wall hanging...then I got the stuffing out and decided to stuff the red center, the petals looked a bit weird, so I stuffed them...

DH has now said it looks like a camel's bum....so do I destuff, leave it as it is or try and reduce the stuffing but then the petals look really *loose* but perhaps it does look a bit overstuffed... I fancy it for a cushion for my sewing chair to the firmer the better I reckon..was going to send it to my bro for his birthday because I made him a quilt with the same fabrics, but dont think so now..hmmm

created a monster

post signaturehas created a quilting monster...Amelia got quite stroppy with me because the boy dolly needs a boy quilt and I haven't got time to sit with her today and sew it up...so she's declared she's going to pin it ready....


Have a good day everyone x

23 January, 2012

Proud mummy day...

My little four year old is home from school ill, she's got an ear, chest and throat infection and is home all week,the Doc said she can go back next week. I started making a dresden plate cushion because I saw an old tutorial from sewmamasew and I wanted to make one, I don't know where for, perhaps DH will have it in is room as it's grey and black.  I had to stop which was annoying because I thought I might get to the quilting part today....and do you know why....because Amelia wanted to make a quilt for her dolly....

dolly quilt layout
 Thinking it'd be a one minute wonder, I told her to choose 20 squares from my scrap bin and put them in 5 rows of 4, she choose purples and I was surprised at her layouts, she moved things around, didn't like the same ones close to each other..
Then I taught her how to line up the squares and pin them together... she loves taking photos so thought she needed one so we can document her quilting afternoon for her school book.

she realised when she made mistakes and put the fabric the wrong way to pin... I sat her on my lap and we used the Janome to start sewing the squares together. The Janome sews itself, it has a start/stop button and you can program it to stitch a certain length, so I was quite happy to let her just guide the fabric and lift the foot up and replace the fabric with the next lot of squares and press go again :)

 We sewed them into rows and then joined the rows...the flimsy was finished, but it wasn't enough...oh no, little lady wanted the dolly quilt FINISHED !!! she said it needs the little strips round the edge mummy, err no Amelia, it doesn't really need a border not for a little dolly, so she grabbed her doll and measured it up against the quilt, yup it's fine without borders mummy. So we hunted through the stash for some backing and some *lamb stuffing*, we pinned it and then she sewed around to birth it, I let her decide when to start/stop and how to turn the machine for the edges. Then I told her to turn it inside out.

I hand stitched the opening closed for her and ironed it all, she said it didn't need any quilting cos it was just for a dolly and she was tired :)
Writing the label
The backing is from her ballerina quilt, that's currently on her bed 

We are all so proud of her and finally, I made her write her name for the label, I told her that in many years to come her kids might use it for their dolly's.

Finished Article

Very happy and proud girlie with her first quilt

Then time for a piccie with her first finished quilt, her dolly and then her dolly and her enjoying a snuggle.

So I'm linking up to Manic Monday, not for me but for my 4 year old who it looks like might have the quilting bug already and who, might be stealing my stash in the foreseeable future

Manic Monday Link Up        

20 January, 2012

A little bit of stitching

Got around to doing a little bit of stitching, I started Phil's boss's charity quilt, his wife has Parkinsons and its early onset, she's had it for probably 3+ years now and is getting progressively worse, so DH volunteered me to make a quilt to sell, auction or give away at the next fundraiser... which is at Easter, so I thought I better get a shift on.
I had some lovely springy feeling fabric on a honey bun, so started sewing them into strips of five. I searched on moda then and came up with this pattern counting by fives

now what colour sashing do I use, the yellow, the aqua or buy new fabric ???

 here we have the aqua/blue and the yellow with some of the 5 strips
 the blue/aqua with 5 strips (little birdies on the blue)
yellow or blue (birdies on both)

19 January, 2012

Nice day out...

Good Evening all, nice day out today, mum and I were off to pick up my dad from Poitiers airport, he's had a few days in the UK... Mondial Tissues (eeerr like a basic fabric store in the uk but it has lots of cheap pins,needles, machine oil and ribbons etc) had a sale on...so I bought some goodies

10metres of pink double binding for 2E  2.57$ £1.67 and this really cute picture frame, I couldn't resist for 3E £2.50  isn't it sweet...lovely little buttons now to find a picture or I might just write some witty comment on some fabric and put it in.
Anyone know any button rhymes ???

I love Mondial Tissue bags too but my other store NEVER has them in stock, so I treated myself for carrying my things to patchwork club

and not really anything patchworky but I loved them and they look so cute in my lounge, peeking over the settees looking at various wall hangings, quilts or towards the windows, how cute are these fellers ??

Finally, I've been busy this week making a cover for my tablet, you couldn't dream how difficult I seemed to make it. I didn't want the same fabric on front/back, it had to have some cardboard in it to protect the screen and give it some weight, DH thought it should have cardboard along the top rim and as it lives in the sewing room I needed it to be able to stand up with the cover on... easy eh...ehh NO !!!

I'm not 100% happy with it but it'll do...oh and I'm going to write on the right hand side Pippa's Pad I think :) although DH will argue its not a pad its a tablet, does it really matter ???

16 January, 2012

One Thing, One week FINISH !!!!

Ohh these link ups and Finish a longs are really encouraging me to get UFO's and things finished.  If it wasn't for One Thing, One Week I really wouldn't have got my 12 Days of Christmas finished by today, I quilted it yesterday afternoon and was sewing the binding on last night while watching Sherlock.  Think I'm going to hang it in my sewing room near the window.

It's not perfect but it'll do :O)

am linking up for Manic Monday at sew happy geek
This week, I also made the pincushion and the tote bag from start to finish :)  I'm trying to get my tablet cover made and finish one of the sew a longs parts...but its possible I'll get diverted this week.

Something to look forward to

This is definitely something to look forward to in February. Melissa  at Happy Quilting has organised a simply charmed blog hop, looks alot of fun :)

On Sunday, Amelia and I made a very quick pincushion, she chose the fabric and the buttons and got the stuffing, I literally just sewed a shell type shape, here's the finished pincushion

She thinks it looks like a butterfly which is what she wanted...see the butterfly buttons too. Then today i'm reading the various blogs and Love laugh quilt Here is having a pincushion Parade, so i'm linking up :)

15 January, 2012

FMQ catch up

Yup, I've been slacking and haven't done any FMQ which has been frustrating because I really seem to *get*  what Leah has been talking about and on Wednesday I started FMQ the 12 days of Christmas mini quilt, as it wasn't that well pieced I thought it'd be perfect for the wiggling part.   Pull out the Janome, loaded it up with Aurifil 50 for the top and invisible thread for the bobbin...grrrr it just didn't *flow* tension and stuff was fine but it actually felt really sluggy and slow after the brother 1500 on the frame.... so took it to patchwork and unpicked it... Haven't had a chance all week and because I need to finish the mini quilt for the Monday One thing, one finish challenge I decided today was going to be the day.  I got DH to pull the Brother off the frame, cleaned out all the fluff and bits of dust, gave it a good oiling and loaded it up... Aurifil on the top and invisible on the bottom, turned it over so I was effectively quilting the back and got busy....

It's harder for me to quilt it at the machine than on the frame, (see all the angular bits) I seem to have a better flow when standing and jiggling than fighting the fabric at the machine, but I was at full speed. Am going to look for a pair of gloves, I know i've got them somewhere or put it back on the frame but I kinda liked having a go on a little thing.  Tomorrow, will try some of the YLI thread and do the proper assignment, want to try making the wiggles bigger because I seem stuck in the must do it small loop...  these QAL's and FAL's definitely seem to help me focus :)

Picasa and Quokka Quilts...

You know how Quokka Quilts has been running the Fat Quarter bundle giveaway since Christmas, you have to choose 3 solids and 12 patterned fabrics from Fat Quarter shop.. you'd have to have been half asleep not to notice all the nice collages of fabric popping up here and there on blogland. I've chosen mine weeks ago and kept thinking, must get it into collage format with picasa and post about it. Well tomorrow 15th is the last day... I run Linux and Picasa stopped support for Linux as they reckon it's not in use much...DOH !!!! I use picasa via google but that doesn't do collages as it's the online version. So I've spent hours today googling, trying to find old download and I've managed to install and get it running.... quite a feat especially without bro or DH helping (their techies by trade and always go, just install this, just do that or DH infuriatingly says... try google ARGHHH FFS just do it for me babe) however he's busy cutting up a van (literally) so I thought i'd do it myself and it's working ... I ROCK !!!! but it did mean I haven't had time to sew *sigh* but oh well, so look out for lots of collages :)  and here's my selection for the give away.

Have you noticed there are some of the B words in that selection...hmmm I've bought a Sizzlix large flower die and it needs B's..... I need some help choosing some appropriate ones but that can wait until another day.

Yard Sale Cantaloupe Confetti Dots Yardage
Mimosa Yellow and Orange Basketweave Yardage
Mimosa Light Orange Basketweave Yardage

Meet Me At Sunset Orange Stained Glass Yardage
Meet Me At Sunset Orange Butterflies Yardage
Mimosa Orange Ikat Yardage

Stella Light Orange Solid Yardage
Bella Solids Butterscotch Yardage
SKU# 9900-36
Bella Solids Golden Wheat Yardage
SKU# 9900-103
Meringue Tonga Batiks Ivory Fossil Leaf Yardage
SKU# B6233-Ivory
Creamsicle Tonga Batiks Tangerine Dotty Bias Wave Yardage
SKU# B6907-Tangerine
Creamsicle Tonga Batiks Orange Blotchy Dot Yardage
SKU# B7798-Orange
Creamsicle Tonga Batiks Creamsicle Trumpet Flower Yardage
SKU# B8410-Creamsicle

Primrose Tonga Batiks Sprout Mini Palm Yardage
SKU# B8540-Sprout
Coco Berry Tonga Batiks Caramel Heavy Rain Yardage

12 January, 2012

A lovely little bag and a battle....

I saw this post on Poppy Seed Fabric and fell in love with the elephant and owl fabric, alas I don't have any but I did remember buying a roll of webbing and had some black and white blocks left over from my brothers quilt I made 3 or 4 years ago. So out came the black kona and the blocks...and I got busy

Problem is I love it, the outside is 6 little pockets and I want it for kindles/phones/chargers/stitching/tissues/sun tan lotion/sunglasses and bits and bobs for the house and the motorhome. Amelia thinks it's for her and Jacques thinks Nana should have it.  It's not long enough to go over my shoulder so a little carry tote but its incredibly cute and not too big for its needs.

Think I need to buy some funky fabric now and different colour webbing :))  not bad for a yard and some batting/webbing... If you want to make one yourself go head over to Poppy seed and grab her tutorial...

11 January, 2012

WIP Wednesday

Its another WIP Wednesday and i'm hooking up with Lee at Freshly Pieced...
The latest anti biotics & steroids that I'm on to try and shift this cold/cough/bad chest/tonsilitis that's been plaguing me for 3 months now have obviously got some form of speed or anthetimine in them... EG last night (this morning) I went to sleep at 1.30am and then was wide awake at 6.05am and had sorted out and put washing in, cooked a curry and had a lemon cake in the oven by 6.53.. sales start here in France today so I also spent some time buying kids clothes and myself the Sizzix :O)
It's one of my quilting friends birthday today Clare from Dordogne Quilter and I'd sent her a pressie parcel, a quilters journal (forgot to take photo) and I embroidered a little plaque for it..isn't it cute...must get on with one for my sewing area I think

Anyway, back to WIP....  the 12 days of Christmas sampler has moved on a bit, I was not cutting too accurately so decided to make my squares 31/4"  ahh well I hit upon a problem with one of the blocks so cheated and am appliquing it on when I do my FMQ over the top... then the sashing went on and it's not fantastic and some of the blocks are now less than even (spy the bow tie) but its being quilted, its being bound and it'll look pretty enough hung up in my space... oh and I STILL hate BATIKS !!!!  I didn't actually buy these ones, they were given to me but the scraps are going to a swop or a friend who likes batiks cos I'm not using them again..each time I think ewwww, its mad because I love them when other people use them, just not when I do...

Go take a look at the other linky's some of the  WIP are awesome

And finally I received the log cabin pattern from the giveaway win and also found out I've won a ticket to l'Aiguille en fĂȘte which is a big exposition in Paris, lots of embroidery, art textiles, boutis and patchwork expos.
2012 seems quite lucky for me so far :) 

Am off for an early night and hopefully a good sleep :)

Sizzix Tutorial

ohhh im more than tempted now :) sales start in france tomorrow :)

EDITED >>>> http://www.scrapcoutureetcompagnie.com/index.php?product/21-offre-speciale-big-shot-sizzix  I'm going to be the proud owner of a Big Shot.. I looked into them and this is actually cheaper here in France than I can get it from the UK.... I can't really justify the go or the big shot pro and for what I want to use them for I reckon this will be the ticket... the go baby was still more expensive and I don't like that you can't use other dies... with the big shot you can use accuquilt dies or sizzix as long as their under 6 inches wide... I need to keep my eye out for a 5" square die so I can make charm packs..would love a 2.5" strip die at some point,  flowers, circles, vines, ahh think I'm going to be doing applique and perhaps an apple core or tumbler quilt :) 
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