02 December, 2011

Wreath Tutorial

This was not designed by me and unfortunately I have no idea who came up with the idea except it was at a french friendship patchwork day and one of our patchwork ladies explained how to make it....

So you need a polystyrene ring, some green fabrics and a variety of reds or whatever colour you want for your flowers, some ribbon, buttons, pins and thread.

Start by winding the ribbon around the ring and I secured it with a pin but you could glue it.

You need to cut some green squares out, you need 3 squares of 8cm or 4" Approx for each *flower* so probably 21 or more squares and you need 5 squares of 6cm or 3" of flower fabric for each   *flower* so 35 red squares.

Take a green square, fold it in half to make it into a triangle and then fold it in half again to make a smaller triangle

Make 3 of these triangles and then get the needle and thread out. Double thread and put a knot in one end, then make some running stitches on the edge of the first triangle *leaf*

Once you've finished one,  you add on the 2nd and 3rd green triangle,
Then you pull and gather both ends up so the leaves make a little leaf circle

Then knot them together and cut the end off.
 That's your leaf formed...
then take the red/cream *flower* fabric and do exactly the same except you have 5 petals on the thread, pull and gather, knot off.

Then take the petals and a leaf and either make a little yo yo for the centre or use a button, a piece of lace, anything you want. I used the pretty wooden star buttons I bought from China. Use the button to secure the petal and the leaf together  and tie off at the back.

When you've made the 7 or 8 that your wreath needs, you can either use some hot Glue to stick it onto the wreath or I've used some pins in the hidden folds of the petals to secure...then tie some ribbon around the top to use as a hanger and that's it. Once you get busy it hardly takes any time at all and my 4 year old daughter helped with the folding of the leaves/petals.

And that's all folks !!!! 

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  1. ooh! I like the look of this one...thank you x

  2. great idea !
    lovely flowers.

    a VERY GREAT "thank you " for the mug rug i've received.


  3. What a clever way to make those little flowers. They look just like poinsettias! Perfect for this time of year. I think I might make up a few to use as decoration on packages. Thanks for the tutorial, and I loved your story about the trials and tribulations of obtaining your turkey.


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