21 December, 2011

WIP Wednesday update....

 It's been manic here for the last few days, as usual and more especially when the kids are on holidays. Have to say they have been incredibly well behaved and i'm very proud of them. The excitement hasn't got too much yet...
DH and I have been busy putting up the outside Christmas lights. It now lights up the road when the streetlights go out. Will be more organised next year though, too many loose hanging cables for my liking.

This morning I finished icing the cake, DH and the kids wanted a modern version so some edible glitter and some iced penguins, santas and dwarfs...snow white's done a runner though :( 
Made the stuffing and started to make the trifle, it's a bit of a mix this year, sponge with Kirsch (cherry flavour liquer) Mandarin oranges, Lime Jelly and then the custard and cream :o) and have written my shopping list for food bits and i'm off out shopping tomorrow.

Quiltingwise, I've tidied up my sewing room, want to get the Brother off the frame and give it a good clean after the holidays, lots of fluff accumulated when I was using the polyester batting even though I had Aurifil thread.  I've just quilted the wreath with cotton mix batting and it's much more even, the thread is lovely and I need more colours and the fluff is reduced with better batting.  I'm pleased with the quilting, once I worked out I needed to go quicker to stop the thread breaking and I quilted the main border, the cream bits on the wreath and left the main one, am contemplating if it needs the bow on it but its more than likely just going to sit on a table (cats will love it) as I think I'm running low on wall space....come on DH get the rest of the house done :) What does it look like i'm doing tonight... yup sewing on binding !!!

Amelia and I over the weekend made a fabric bowl, it's too big, when I asked Amelia what we were putting in it (thinking lovely satsumas and apples) she said oh BONBONS !!!!! (sweeties/candy) I'm not joking its a 2 or 3l bowl so imagine what a sugar rush girlie we'd have on our hands.

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