13 December, 2011

Tuesday twitterings

Well not much to post I'm afraid, I've been running around sorting out the last Christmas pressies, tree and outside lights, thinking about my food shopping list for xmas, buying the booze and frantically knitting scarves for the patchwork stall at the xmas market and for Amelia's teachers.... all done and delivered now so I'm hoping to move onto patchwork and quilting, need to get the flimsies of the twisters on the frame this week so hopefully in the evenings I can get some done.  I think because I'm still recovering from the lung infection by the time 8.30 comes and the kids are in bed i'm just too tired to start sewing.   On Friday I've got to bake a cake for the school xmas night/party and saturday evening we've got a football club evening, so i'm hoping next week will be calmer, no school runs so just getting through the week until XMAS !!!!! Mum's having the kids for a day so I've told DH it's just me and the sewing machine/frame and he can cook us lunch or take me out I'm having a whole day off :O)
Oh i've made home made marzipan today, so easy, whizz together icing sugar, caster sugar, egg and almonds and it's done :) tastes yummy too. So am marzipaning the cake that mum made for us tomorrow while Jacques is at footie practice and it'll have time to dry out before I ice it, probably on 21st or 22nd
My fabric's arrived and I'll get the camera out later and take a piccie for you, still blog hopping too, i'm upto F and can finish at M, so not so bad. Need to get my stitchery stuff together to do while JP is at the speech therapist.

Cold, wet and windy here in rural france, shame I can't stay inside all day :(
Have a terrific tuesday xxx

EDIT I've finished the blog hop !!!! whey hey.... and now I've got another giveaway to tell you about 

The amazing blog race is on !!! go check it out !

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  1. and breath in....hold it.....AH! Breath outtttttt. Thats better xx


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