05 December, 2011

Tesco's trials

ok, did my shopping order last week, wanted 2 frozen turkeys *dont be going on about BM and frozen turkeys  * one for mum, one for me.... shopping arrived NO TURKEY !!!! I'd been charged for 1 and the other was unavailable. (id written one x x x large and one xxl and wanted 2 turkeys whatever size) but the delivery company couldn't find the turkey I had paid for, anyway eventually after me moaning they *found* the turkey just being put into someone elses car.... anyway, phone Tesco's the next day to moan
spoke to a lovely lady who assured me she'd order me a XXXL one and get it delivered today, she told me to phone on friday, they'd phone the store and make sure the manager put one by for me, they'd waive the delivery cost of £4.50... ok phoned on fri, yup one put by...on tenderhooks all day and then get an email from the french delivery company, your order is on the van and your bill is £9.50 !!!!! so go online, thinking fuc***s have sent a chicken not a turkey, no turkeys for £9.50 at all..not even a breast... get on phone to french delivery, are you sure it's right £9.50, yup she says, the driver's checked your receipt and the £60 turkey is currently half price so £30.... they've then given you £20.50 STAFF DISCOUNT !!! so I've paid £9.50 for a 10kg+ turkey and delivery, the french del company then moaned cos they charge 20% of order and I felt a bit guilty, so told them i'd pay the £6 they should've been getting... but still £15.50 for a hugeeeeeeeeee turkey, not bad eh :) dad's picking it up and putting it in their freezer for me tomorrow... so I love TESCO tonight :)
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  1. I just hope you have a turkey at the end of all this!! x

  2. lololol we'll see tomorrow :) its only because turkey's here are a max of 5 kilos and that's if you can get hold of them, we had one the other week which was fresh and lovely but about £18 but cant guarantee close to xmas they have them, alot of french go with the seafood and meat stuffed with foie gras...too rich for the kids :(


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