02 December, 2011

Not for those with weak stomachs....

I've got sick kids again, but i'm quite proud of myself, managed not to puke when Amelia did last night, cleaned up the bed, got downstairs and put it in the machine, DH had to undo it a bit so it got washed properly.....however this morning not so good, Jacques puked and unfortunately mummy did too :( why have I got such a weak stomach...on good side, lots of gunk from both of our chests seems to have shifted :) and I have to say I feel alot better today .... 

Haven't had any time or inclination to sew with worry about kids and which medicines to give to us all when, (we all have different anti bios, cough medicine) but I have knitted 2 more scarves and started a little wreath which i'm hoping to finish today, might even try a tutorial if anyone is interested.  I can't post pictures as my rechargeable batteries are flat...why is that, they can be in the charger and get stolen and mummy gets left with flat ones.

Must get on with my Christmas twister and really wanted to get a twister wreath done, it'll end up being a Xmas Eve project !!! The SAL I'm well behind on too and i've got 3 vat returns and a year end to get sorted....can't do that with sick kids so next week is going to be a challenging one.  

Keep being tempted by new projects too and although I haven't possibly got the time I've downloaded Kaaren from the painted quilt friday freebie, she is so inspirational and I love her stitcheries.
On top of all this DH has volunteered that I will send his boss a quilt for his Parkinsons fund raiser...ahh yes I thought, I've just missed the one this week so I'll be fine to get a quilt for next December, he phoned his boss and low and behold the next fund raiser is April !!!! and he's going to let me know what size they'd like, wall or bed... DH says oh yeah April's months away. hmmm 
So need to start thinking for ideas and fabric when it arrives

Sorry for not being very quilty but its not a quilty household atm *sigh*
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