05 December, 2011

Monday Musings and some flimsies

Another Monday musing, don't these Mondays come around quick. Well the lurgies seem to have finally done one, I'm still chesty but feel more human.  Amelia's back to school today but Jacques is still at home, he's not great, hacking phlemy cough but is refusing to stay at home another day.  Least we don't have problems with these two not wanting to go to school.

Feeling better I actually did some sewing over the weekend, and got the border on the twister and started and am to flimsy stage on the twister wreath :) both ready for squaring up and quilting, hopefully this week...


 for quilting I need to get them finished quick, do you think FM squiggles or something, I've only got white or cream aurifil, not sure what that'll look like on the green/red, the wreath one has gold throughout the fabrics, can't see me managing metallic on the frame perhaps an invisible thread...bit ambitious maybe something to think about

Got some more Christmas cards to write and if JP is at school tomorrow a massive marathon wrapping up of pressies session, I want to be able to put them all together and get them stashed.   Need to finish another scarf and have some stitch alongs to catch up on...not sure i'll get them finished for xmas :( 

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