17 December, 2011

Magic Moments

We were all ready to go out for the Fete, Jacques wanted blue hair so we used temporary spray and we had to wait a while for it to dry, trying to get a photo of us all was a challenge :)

I absolutely hate having my photo taken, since October 2010 I've lost a whopping 23 kilos, although most of them were in 2010, I've been quite naughty in 2011 but I have maintained the loss, put a kilo on, lost a kilo etc etc but in 2012 I want to lose more as I know it's do-able... heres a photo of me taken last night trying to look *slim* I love the tunic top, the colours, embroidery and the jewels but kept thinking oh its too small, shows my hips up too much, I'd like to hide behind a bigger size but so what..it is my body and I've got big hips, my dh loves me as I am and so do my family

here's one of dh and the kids 
and for the last photo one of all of us 

I had a magic moment last night at the kid's Christmas fete, the schools were singing papa noel and Father Christmas arrived....I looked out the window and it WAS SNOWING !!!!! then the whispers started and the kids went and looked out the window... hour later the snow had stopped and it was slushy on the way home... who doesn't believe in Father Christmas NOW !!!!

Happy Saturday !!! 
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  1. I think you look great xx well done for loosing weight...and I LOVE the blue hair xx

  2. Lovely family photos! I'm visiting your blog from The Curious Quilter as you've won her blog hop prize. Congratulations!

    Love your Christmas twister - this is on my 'one-day' list. As far as squaring up goes... try googling it. I'm sure you will get a range of blog and videos with different methods. Mostly mine are square-enough. Not entering any quilt shows and by the time they get dragged around and washed etc it doesn't matter...


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