29 December, 2011

I'm playing

As you can all see, I'm playing with blog templates and backgrounds again...ready for 2012....

Have been chilling some more and made a really cute machine embroidered birdy Happy New Year...will get it finished and post some decent pictures, I bought it from Embroidery Library as they've got a $ sale, it stitched out really well and they have so many cute owls in the series that I bought most of them 28 or so later :) am on the lookout for some hoot fabric now, think I might make a frame and hang a different one up every month or so. I've got Halloween, Easter, Spring, Summer, Christmas, May day, Valentines, St Paddy's day, UK theme, French theme, back to school, techie ones, quilting ones (SO CUTE) and a sewing one, ahhhh it goes on and on...just to get stitching them with 27 colour changes and 60 mins of stitching takes a good 90 mins or so each one with thread changing.... another UFO or project for 2012,

I'm trying to write a list of my UFO's and quilty/sewing things I want to achieve in 2012, my DH signed me up for a Parkinsons charity quilt which needs doing before beginning April, so suppose that should be on the first few things.

I've tidied and sorted my sewing room out so it's sitting there waiting for me, haven't had a chance to oil and clean out the brother yet and I NEED a sewing machine cover for it that fits when its on the frame sitting awaiting a project, its really heavy and awkward to lift out and I don't use it for any other stitching, so if anyone has any patterns or tutorial ideas...if not think I'm going to just sew a big rectangle (could add an embroidered set of birdies on a tree) with some ribbons to tie it with...basic but might work

Ahh well, time to take more meds for my sore throat now...the flulike symptoms have gone and left me with phlemmy cough with a sore throat that is razory and dry and the lidocaine (sp???) spray isn't touching it, am going to try a hot rum toddie with lemon and honey tonight.

Happy last Thursday of 2012 :)

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