26 December, 2011

Happy Boxing Day

We survived :) and a lovely Christmas was had by all....Christmas Eve was spent with my family having a buffet lunch at mum's, stuffed ourselves silly and the baileys chocolate cheesecake was delish.... Santa came and visited us....

Christmas morning at 6am I was slamming in the turkey, sitting having a cup of coffee and waiting for my kids to wake up !!!  Finally at 8am, I made so much noise and flushed the toilet for the 3rd time they woke up .... Stockings opened on our bed and then finally we went downstairs.  Lots of pressies and excited screams, shouts of joy and ohhhhh's later :)

Presents opened, champagne drank and we were all ready at 1pm for lunch

it's what Christmas is all about, sat and watched TV and the Christmas soaps specials...

Boxing day is my favourite day, can't say I miss all the sales, here it's not a bank holiday so alot of people have to work but we've stayed in and chilled...Would I rather be reading quilting blogs or doing this ----->

 My main present was an android tablet, I'm planning on using it in my sewing room for music, catching up on blogs, facebook, google and to use it for a photo frame :) most importantly is to put my sewing ebooks on and watch the you tube tutorials while sewing :)

my DH did very well with my pressies this year, a bottle of champagne, a magazine subscription to Quilt Country, a side winder bobbin winder, it's great as the brother bobbins can't be wound on the Janome, so if I forget to wind enough bobbins and the brother's on the frame its a really hard job to rewind bobbins, the side winder is excellent as it winds lots of different bobbins without being on a machine :) he also bought me an electric extension cable on a special pull out winder thing so I can plug the brother in on the frame and have enough cable so that it doesn't tug on the power cable as i'm quilting and turn it off like it did in the past. 

Also got a really lovely clock, which DH has hung in an unlogical place for people to see the time in the sewing space but I asked him to hang it there as it's a fantastic place for me to see the time while I'm actually sewing...see it's highly logical for me :) 

  Finally, as it's not a bank holiday today the postman arrived...and look what arrived and is now hanging in my sewing room, it's going to be a permanent fixture as they aren't too christmassy and too pretty to be put away in the next couple of days for another 11 months.  It's my blog hop prize from Nadine at This Creative Bliss...lovely that it arrived today

Have just had our traditional boxing day lunch of bubble & squeek (left over vegs and potatoes fried up) with stuffing/sausagemeat, ham, turkey, baguette, anything and everything the children and ourselves fancy.  An hour later i've just managed to gobble some trifle and am now full to burst.
Oh well, Turkey salad tomorrow, must be time for alcohol *Happy Boxing Day*

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