21 December, 2011

Christmas stitching finished

Here's the finished wreath, I'm still contemplating if it needs a ribbon (yes if I'm hanging it on the wall) so I've fashioned a temporary one and will see if the fabric shop has an extra 1/4 yard tomorrow.  I'm really pleased with it and when it comes down in January, I'll be anxiously awaiting next December to get it back out again.
Think perhaps enough twisters for the moment as it really does use alot of fabric for what you get at the end.  It's the 2nd time I've done a scallop border and I think it adds to it.
Wanted to get the SAL finished but really haven't had time so it's a UFO for 2012 that will be hanging somewhere on my wall next Christmas :)


  1. Blogger playing up again, I have only just received this in Google reader..and another 78 posts to read!! Love the wreath it looks lovely but I am with you on the fabric .... hate wasting it as it's so expensive. Linda x

  2. Great wreath! Love the fabrics and I think it would looks very pretty with a ribbon.


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