30 December, 2011

Statuses from 2011

Aiguille En Fete

aiguille en fete
I'm contemplating  a trip to Paris for the Aiguille en Fete, there's embroidery, sewing, patchwork and its on starting a Thursday so no need to inconvenience DH to watch the kids or take them to football etc etc, wonder about trains to Paris.

Theres a giveaway of some tickets from L'Atelier de Emma, this is where I got my aurifil thread from, go take a look atelierdemma. and have a browse around her shop

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29 December, 2011

I'm playing

As you can all see, I'm playing with blog templates and backgrounds again...ready for 2012....

Have been chilling some more and made a really cute machine embroidered birdy Happy New Year...will get it finished and post some decent pictures, I bought it from Embroidery Library as they've got a $ sale, it stitched out really well and they have so many cute owls in the series that I bought most of them 28 or so later :) am on the lookout for some hoot fabric now, think I might make a frame and hang a different one up every month or so. I've got Halloween, Easter, Spring, Summer, Christmas, May day, Valentines, St Paddy's day, UK theme, French theme, back to school, techie ones, quilting ones (SO CUTE) and a sewing one, ahhhh it goes on and on...just to get stitching them with 27 colour changes and 60 mins of stitching takes a good 90 mins or so each one with thread changing.... another UFO or project for 2012,

I'm trying to write a list of my UFO's and quilty/sewing things I want to achieve in 2012, my DH signed me up for a Parkinsons charity quilt which needs doing before beginning April, so suppose that should be on the first few things.

I've tidied and sorted my sewing room out so it's sitting there waiting for me, haven't had a chance to oil and clean out the brother yet and I NEED a sewing machine cover for it that fits when its on the frame sitting awaiting a project, its really heavy and awkward to lift out and I don't use it for any other stitching, so if anyone has any patterns or tutorial ideas...if not think I'm going to just sew a big rectangle (could add an embroidered set of birdies on a tree) with some ribbons to tie it with...basic but might work

Ahh well, time to take more meds for my sore throat now...the flulike symptoms have gone and left me with phlemmy cough with a sore throat that is razory and dry and the lidocaine (sp???) spray isn't touching it, am going to try a hot rum toddie with lemon and honey tonight.

Happy last Thursday of 2012 :)

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26 December, 2011

Happy Boxing Day

We survived :) and a lovely Christmas was had by all....Christmas Eve was spent with my family having a buffet lunch at mum's, stuffed ourselves silly and the baileys chocolate cheesecake was delish.... Santa came and visited us....

Christmas morning at 6am I was slamming in the turkey, sitting having a cup of coffee and waiting for my kids to wake up !!!  Finally at 8am, I made so much noise and flushed the toilet for the 3rd time they woke up .... Stockings opened on our bed and then finally we went downstairs.  Lots of pressies and excited screams, shouts of joy and ohhhhh's later :)

Presents opened, champagne drank and we were all ready at 1pm for lunch

it's what Christmas is all about, sat and watched TV and the Christmas soaps specials...

Boxing day is my favourite day, can't say I miss all the sales, here it's not a bank holiday so alot of people have to work but we've stayed in and chilled...Would I rather be reading quilting blogs or doing this ----->

 My main present was an android tablet, I'm planning on using it in my sewing room for music, catching up on blogs, facebook, google and to use it for a photo frame :) most importantly is to put my sewing ebooks on and watch the you tube tutorials while sewing :)

my DH did very well with my pressies this year, a bottle of champagne, a magazine subscription to Quilt Country, a side winder bobbin winder, it's great as the brother bobbins can't be wound on the Janome, so if I forget to wind enough bobbins and the brother's on the frame its a really hard job to rewind bobbins, the side winder is excellent as it winds lots of different bobbins without being on a machine :) he also bought me an electric extension cable on a special pull out winder thing so I can plug the brother in on the frame and have enough cable so that it doesn't tug on the power cable as i'm quilting and turn it off like it did in the past. 

Also got a really lovely clock, which DH has hung in an unlogical place for people to see the time in the sewing space but I asked him to hang it there as it's a fantastic place for me to see the time while I'm actually sewing...see it's highly logical for me :) 

  Finally, as it's not a bank holiday today the postman arrived...and look what arrived and is now hanging in my sewing room, it's going to be a permanent fixture as they aren't too christmassy and too pretty to be put away in the next couple of days for another 11 months.  It's my blog hop prize from Nadine at This Creative Bliss...lovely that it arrived today

Have just had our traditional boxing day lunch of bubble & squeek (left over vegs and potatoes fried up) with stuffing/sausagemeat, ham, turkey, baguette, anything and everything the children and ourselves fancy.  An hour later i've just managed to gobble some trifle and am now full to burst.
Oh well, Turkey salad tomorrow, must be time for alcohol *Happy Boxing Day*

21 December, 2011

Christmas stitching finished

Here's the finished wreath, I'm still contemplating if it needs a ribbon (yes if I'm hanging it on the wall) so I've fashioned a temporary one and will see if the fabric shop has an extra 1/4 yard tomorrow.  I'm really pleased with it and when it comes down in January, I'll be anxiously awaiting next December to get it back out again.
Think perhaps enough twisters for the moment as it really does use alot of fabric for what you get at the end.  It's the 2nd time I've done a scallop border and I think it adds to it.
Wanted to get the SAL finished but really haven't had time so it's a UFO for 2012 that will be hanging somewhere on my wall next Christmas :)

WIP Wednesday update....

 It's been manic here for the last few days, as usual and more especially when the kids are on holidays. Have to say they have been incredibly well behaved and i'm very proud of them. The excitement hasn't got too much yet...
DH and I have been busy putting up the outside Christmas lights. It now lights up the road when the streetlights go out. Will be more organised next year though, too many loose hanging cables for my liking.

This morning I finished icing the cake, DH and the kids wanted a modern version so some edible glitter and some iced penguins, santas and dwarfs...snow white's done a runner though :( 
Made the stuffing and started to make the trifle, it's a bit of a mix this year, sponge with Kirsch (cherry flavour liquer) Mandarin oranges, Lime Jelly and then the custard and cream :o) and have written my shopping list for food bits and i'm off out shopping tomorrow.

Quiltingwise, I've tidied up my sewing room, want to get the Brother off the frame and give it a good clean after the holidays, lots of fluff accumulated when I was using the polyester batting even though I had Aurifil thread.  I've just quilted the wreath with cotton mix batting and it's much more even, the thread is lovely and I need more colours and the fluff is reduced with better batting.  I'm pleased with the quilting, once I worked out I needed to go quicker to stop the thread breaking and I quilted the main border, the cream bits on the wreath and left the main one, am contemplating if it needs the bow on it but its more than likely just going to sit on a table (cats will love it) as I think I'm running low on wall space....come on DH get the rest of the house done :) What does it look like i'm doing tonight... yup sewing on binding !!!

Amelia and I over the weekend made a fabric bowl, it's too big, when I asked Amelia what we were putting in it (thinking lovely satsumas and apples) she said oh BONBONS !!!!! (sweeties/candy) I'm not joking its a 2 or 3l bowl so imagine what a sugar rush girlie we'd have on our hands.

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17 December, 2011

Magic Moments

We were all ready to go out for the Fete, Jacques wanted blue hair so we used temporary spray and we had to wait a while for it to dry, trying to get a photo of us all was a challenge :)

I absolutely hate having my photo taken, since October 2010 I've lost a whopping 23 kilos, although most of them were in 2010, I've been quite naughty in 2011 but I have maintained the loss, put a kilo on, lost a kilo etc etc but in 2012 I want to lose more as I know it's do-able... heres a photo of me taken last night trying to look *slim* I love the tunic top, the colours, embroidery and the jewels but kept thinking oh its too small, shows my hips up too much, I'd like to hide behind a bigger size but so what..it is my body and I've got big hips, my dh loves me as I am and so do my family

here's one of dh and the kids 
and for the last photo one of all of us 

I had a magic moment last night at the kid's Christmas fete, the schools were singing papa noel and Father Christmas arrived....I looked out the window and it WAS SNOWING !!!!! then the whispers started and the kids went and looked out the window... hour later the snow had stopped and it was slushy on the way home... who doesn't believe in Father Christmas NOW !!!!

Happy Saturday !!! 
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16 December, 2011

Thank Goodness It's Finished Friday!

I'm linking up for the first time to TGIFF . I've been looking to join Thank Goodness It's Finished Friday! for a few weeks but don't seem to ever finish anything...thought oh I know, I'll put the 1st of the twisters up but alas didn't get to finish the binding last night. We've had horrendous weather, hurricane force winds and rain like you cannot imagine, flooding everywhere, the road, the drains, the ditches, coming in the front door, the roof and the utility room...ahhh well its the adventures of life and renovating in France.  As I was awake half the night, decided to take a nap...yeah RIGHT the tractor cutting up fallen trees caused the dog to bark and wake me up, so decided I might as well get on with sewing the binding....
Now it's finished and hanging on the wall, along with all our other Christmas decorations....I really need to learn how to square up properly in 2012, anyone got any decent tips or tutorials, it always seems to measure the same all sides but doesn't look square once the binding is on :(

Oh and I won a prize on the blog hop, :O) This creative blissI won one of her super Paper Lanterns,how excited am I :)

Sorry for the rubbish photo (with bit missing) but i'm in a rush to pick up the kids and get them ready for their Christmas party evening at school tonight...i'm super excited to be linking up with TGIFF !!!!

15 December, 2011

Thursday's Photos....

I spent Wednesday morning on the frame, 3 hours later came off with a bad back, frozen shoulder and a flimsy finished :) it's got its binding on and i'm hand stitching the back, fingers crossed it might be finished ready for me to hang it on the wall, looks a bit wobbly with the binding on, why is it my tops never look square once the bindings go on ??? any ideas anyone???
my quilting was a bit rushed so not great curves and I used cheap polyester batting which I think it making it look a bit puffy, going to sacrifice the cotton/wool hobbs on the wreath.

The wreath one will be on the frame for Monday :O-) so i'll be hand sewing tuesday or wednesday.

As a side thing, I watched Jamie Olivers Christmas with bells on yesterday, bought some extra ingredients and tonight we had

For the epic hot chocolate mix

  • 2 tablespoons Horlicks
  • 2 tablespoons cornflour
  • 3 tablespoons icing sugar
  • 4 tablespoons quality organic cocoa
  • 100g quality dark chocolate (70% cocoa solids), finely grated
  • a pinch of ground cinnamon
  • a pinch of sea salt

1. Pour the milk into a large pan, and bring almost to the boil over a medium heat.

2. Meanwhile, add all the chocolate mix ingredients to a large jar and give it a good shake to combine. You need around 10 heaped tablespoons of the chocolate mix for this amount of milk.
  Simply spoon the chocolate mix into the hot milk, give it a good whisk and leave to bubble away for a few minutes before serving. You're looking for that gorgeous, thick, almost claggy, knockout texture.

It is truly delish and the pictures do not do it justice, so I made up another batch and a small jar for my brother, going to find a nice label for his... definitely one for everyone to try.

Tomorrow its the Jerk Ham and the kids sneaked a pic of me making their sarnie for tea.

I got caught up with my photos and here's the new additions to my fabric stash 

Can't you just eat the Watermelon's :)

These are a bit of a step from my usual stash but I'm trying to move out of my box a bit

These ones are for backings and for my country style quilt that I'm going to start in the New Year
Have a Fantastic Friday xxx

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13 December, 2011

Tuesday twitterings

Well not much to post I'm afraid, I've been running around sorting out the last Christmas pressies, tree and outside lights, thinking about my food shopping list for xmas, buying the booze and frantically knitting scarves for the patchwork stall at the xmas market and for Amelia's teachers.... all done and delivered now so I'm hoping to move onto patchwork and quilting, need to get the flimsies of the twisters on the frame this week so hopefully in the evenings I can get some done.  I think because I'm still recovering from the lung infection by the time 8.30 comes and the kids are in bed i'm just too tired to start sewing.   On Friday I've got to bake a cake for the school xmas night/party and saturday evening we've got a football club evening, so i'm hoping next week will be calmer, no school runs so just getting through the week until XMAS !!!!! Mum's having the kids for a day so I've told DH it's just me and the sewing machine/frame and he can cook us lunch or take me out I'm having a whole day off :O)
Oh i've made home made marzipan today, so easy, whizz together icing sugar, caster sugar, egg and almonds and it's done :) tastes yummy too. So am marzipaning the cake that mum made for us tomorrow while Jacques is at footie practice and it'll have time to dry out before I ice it, probably on 21st or 22nd
My fabric's arrived and I'll get the camera out later and take a piccie for you, still blog hopping too, i'm upto F and can finish at M, so not so bad. Need to get my stitchery stuff together to do while JP is at the speech therapist.

Cold, wet and windy here in rural france, shame I can't stay inside all day :(
Have a terrific tuesday xxx

EDIT I've finished the blog hop !!!! whey hey.... and now I've got another giveaway to tell you about 

The amazing blog race is on !!! go check it out !

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11 December, 2011

Blog Hopping

I'm blog hopping with the Quilting Gallery blog hop, I'm having so much fun, don't think i'm going to manage all the sites in the next week but I can try :)

Ok Ive done N through to A now :))  people are being incredibly generous and sharing some fantastic blogs, puts mine to shame 

here are a few of the great giveaways

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07 December, 2011

WIP Wednesday

 Not much to update on i'm afraid, no crafty or sewing since Monday and apart from flimsy twister tops which fingers crossed I might get on the frame at some point this week, I haven't got much time either. 
Our patchwork xmas fayre is on Sunday so I'm hoping to take the kids and will take some photos, they get to meet santa and our guild sells stuff that we've made, I donated a scarf, the bottle apron and my first twister mat.
I'm currently watching Kirstie's home made Christmas which has been lovely, lots of little crafty, food and decorating things and will look forward to next weeks. Ok time to get on, have to knit at least one more scarf before next friday so the kids can give them to their teachers as pressies :)

Have a good evening

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05 December, 2011

Tesco's trials

ok, did my shopping order last week, wanted 2 frozen turkeys *dont be going on about BM and frozen turkeys  * one for mum, one for me.... shopping arrived NO TURKEY !!!! I'd been charged for 1 and the other was unavailable. (id written one x x x large and one xxl and wanted 2 turkeys whatever size) but the delivery company couldn't find the turkey I had paid for, anyway eventually after me moaning they *found* the turkey just being put into someone elses car.... anyway, phone Tesco's the next day to moan
spoke to a lovely lady who assured me she'd order me a XXXL one and get it delivered today, she told me to phone on friday, they'd phone the store and make sure the manager put one by for me, they'd waive the delivery cost of £4.50... ok phoned on fri, yup one put by...on tenderhooks all day and then get an email from the french delivery company, your order is on the van and your bill is £9.50 !!!!! so go online, thinking fuc***s have sent a chicken not a turkey, no turkeys for £9.50 at all..not even a breast... get on phone to french delivery, are you sure it's right £9.50, yup she says, the driver's checked your receipt and the £60 turkey is currently half price so £30.... they've then given you £20.50 STAFF DISCOUNT !!! so I've paid £9.50 for a 10kg+ turkey and delivery, the french del company then moaned cos they charge 20% of order and I felt a bit guilty, so told them i'd pay the £6 they should've been getting... but still £15.50 for a hugeeeeeeeeee turkey, not bad eh :) dad's picking it up and putting it in their freezer for me tomorrow... so I love TESCO tonight :)
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