23 November, 2011

WIP Wednesday update....

Back from patchwork club where the naughty women got me started on another xmas project, you wrap ribbon around a polystyrene wreath, then you make poinsettias/Christmas roses, out of 3 petals 8cm square, folded to make a triangle, folded again and then gathered, the same with 5 6cm square flower colours,
then a little yo yo or button in the middle....I need polystyrene and time :O)

My frame quilt is now bound and I'm trying to decide where to hang it, running out of wall space, Jacques said they'd have it in their room, but it's a bit too girly and although Amelia would love it, I haven't told Jacques I'm hoping to get him a digger wall hanging done in time for Pere Noel....so I've broached the subject of hanging it in the upstairs hall, which was supposed to be lilac but it more a pinky/purple lavendery colour so I think the quilt will fit in just fine up there. 

I started my Christmas mug rug yesterday and got it bound today, I'm sure I can't blog a picture yet as the recipient hasn't received it, let's just say its a twister of an experience.... I've got some nice fabric to send with it and I'm thinking something typical from this area...bit difficult considering it's Berrichon Pie (potato, ham, onion with creme fraiche pie) or Limousin Beef...
Remind me early december to show you the piccie.

And the Yo-Yo Christmas tree is finished too, think it'll hang on the wall somewhere at Christmas.

The twister has a border on and hopefully tomorrow may get another one, then it's onto what kind of quilting...to get it finished quickly, could load it on the frame and FM it...then I get to move onto the twister wreath or tree I want to make

Did I say I love my Frame :O)))) got some cream Aurifil too so that'll be good.
I saw some scarves made by my patchwork ladies, they are using a wool called Katia, one has made one like this Katia  and the other made one with the other type called Ondas, it's only 9 stitches wide but looks quite complicated, they all seem to think it's early...will look for some of the wool and perhaps my mum might knit one for me or I might give it a go. the turquoise/blue that one lady made was gorgeous. I've always wanted to knit a pair of those chunky socks...although I'm hopeless at knitting and find it stressful

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