06 November, 2011

Twisty Turny....

Bit of a funny weekend here, Usually on Saturday we go shopping for do it yourself (hardware) materials or DH does the DIY and I take the kids out food or clothes shopping. Sometimes DS has football in the morning and we have a casserole or an easy lunch, (burger and chips, sausage and chips) I clean in the afternoon...on Sunday's I ALWAYS cook a roast dinner, clean again *sigh* maybe bake a cake and we get homework done and sometimes I spend some time sewing although not very much.....

All change this weekend....
We went DIY shopping on Friday night after work/school (i'd already cleaned the house during the day) and I got some food and clothes shopping done, we had tea (dinner) out....so Saturday no shopping needed, DH was doing some landscaping work outside, I cooked a roast shoulder of lamb with all the trimmings.... and we had cake/biscuits in the cupboard....

So it meant that on SUNDAY the kids woke up early, I left DH to sleep and got caught up on the blogging world and read the newspapers online with breakfast...then I got busy in the sewing room :o) How lucky am I !!!! the kids were playing happily so I chose some charm squares, sewed them together into a 4 patch and shoved a border on.
Used my 50wt aurifil and even though my Janome doesn't seem to really love it my piecing was much better than usual and my squares were spot on.

Then I made a template from template plastic... its 3.5" and the lines start at 1" in as you can see....really easy to make and I'm reckoning that the large twister is an 6.5" square and its either 1" in again or its just this extended out. DH is going to buy me some perspex or I'm going to buy a 3.5" ruler and mark it, I don't just want the twister template and not be able to do anything else with it...

found this on the quilting board 
 The 8" tool uses 10" blocks, the 3½" tool uses 5" blocks, the 2¼" tool uses 3½" blocks and the 1½" tool uses 2½" blocks.

EDITED:---- ok I think 
the 3.5" tool is 1" from the end
the 8" tool is 2 3/8 from the end
the 2 1/4 tool is 5/8" from end 
and the 1 1/2 tool is 7/16th from end....

Border size help would be appreciated :O) 

can someone confirm what border sizes the twisters uses, I've read its a 6" border, the smaller ones must have tiny borders, the moda 2.5" blocks would be good for the tiny tool although cutting would be scary...

Anyway I digress,  I got cutting (with the rotary cutter) after all what did I really have to lose, was exciting but with a sense of oh my god too.... once I'd cut them out I sewed 3 together then the 3 rows.... didn't want a border as I'm going to give it to patchwork club to sell at the christmas market I think....

Then stitched in the ditch using Aurifil's 40wt...yes I do like it but not sure if I can really afford it ;o( its about 9e ---- 12$ a spool
made the binding, machine stitched it on the front,  hand sewed the back, gave it an iron and here it is.... 2 hours later !!!!

do think it should've had white or cream where the green/red border fabric is but you live and learn...am hoping the big quilt as it has more cream in won't look like this...anyway 

way to go !!!!!


and I found this cute ribbon in our sewing shop...will sew it on later. If I get chance while the kids are playing I'm going to cut up the other Christmas top

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