14 November, 2011


I'm not MIA just busy making some pressies that I can't show you yet...today is a dedicated sewing day, its 9.50am and I've dropped kids off, prepared the dinner in advance, hoovered and mopped floors so the rest of the day is SEWING....

I'd like to achieve this week :-

  1. Mark out the rest of the CAL embroidery ready for stitching...
  2. Unpick an old unfinished quilt top that I'd started machine quilting and i've now decided will be my first *proper* quilt on the frame, just want to get busy with some stippling or leaves on the borders I think. 
  3. finish another of the pressie things that's half way 
  4. Come up with a plan for my mug rug swop and a definite idea 
  5. put some borders on the christmas twister
  6. perhaps cut out and sew some 5" blocks ready for a wreath twister
  7. plan JP's digger quilt, had the fabric for ages and its a panel, just needs some borders and I reckon another one to practice on the frame....he's not going to be bothered if its a bit screwy, but needs to be done in secret which can be difficult....
  8. Finally, have to bind the yo yo tree, but its on the can be left pile.....
  9. sew some xmas panels that I have lying around together, see what I can do with them, cushions seem a waste, perhaps placemats for xmas lunch

and I need to do them in the following order 10...3, 1, 2,4,5 6,7,8,9,

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