14 November, 2011

need a break, need more aurifil colours, need a kit kat...

wow I'm finally allowing myself time to sit down, am back on my diet and could really use a choccie bar or biscuit so am blogging instead !!!

I've got a bit of binding to sew on tonight for one pressie, decided to make myself a heatproof coaster for my sewing table. I  have unpicked the quilt I made years ago and dh has helped me to get it on the frame....

I loaded up the machine, got my new aurifil thread out which yes, is pretty awesome, no problems with breakage or tension !!!! *YES* and my Brother does like it *sigh* shame its so difficult to get...BUT I've only got white or cream, so its loaded with the white...the stitching is showing up big time so its making me think I need to practice more, unpick it and change my thread to the YLI blue variegated for the borders... I'm really a bit depressed now cos the quilt hasn't got a purpose really but I still don't want to ruin it with my quilting...the markings on it were from before, I cant do straight line on the frame and never really did have an idea with how to quilt it, shall I just stipple it and perhaps unpick the borders and do them in blue or practice some more... I could do the leaf pantagraph on the borders...anyway have started to unpick it all but need to go get the kids from school


  1. it looks good to me...just enjoy what you are doing...every stitch is an adventure and a learning process. Diane x

  2. I think it looks fine - when I look back at some of my quilting, I'm not pleased, but the recipients of those quilts think they're wonderful. And those places you see, will be hidden when the quilt is washed and becomes "quilty." I agree with Diane, just enjoy what you're doing. We all worry too much about 'perfect'.


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