28 November, 2011

Monday Musings

Well, another start of a week, not much to blog about on the sewing front unfortunately. Just haven't really had my Mojo.. lots to try and get finished or partly started but can't be naffed...feeling rubbish with this lung infection hasn't helped and it doesn't seem to be improving much.  I did knit the scarf this week and have started on the next one. Tomorrow I WILL Get the borders on the twister, then I might get it quilted somehow but don't think it'll be getting any fancy applique. 
I received my mug rug swop today and will take some photo's later, it's very lovely, rich browns with appliqued and embroidered Christmas trees. I need to write my little card and pop it in the post tomorrow, it's supposed to arrive Thursday or Friday.  Here's the pic of my one, it's got that special pot holder/heat proof batting so hopefully won't damage someone's highly polished wooden table.

I'm going to send some of the scissor/snowflake fabric, isn't it cute and appropriate :) the colours aren't showing up so well the twisters are green, red and black and they are the smaller 3.5" starting size, DH made the template out of plexiglass stuff and it works really well.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday worked out really well for me, I've bought 3 ebooks and 32 yards of fabric for about 100 euros, I could be paying 16-20E a YARD here so I've saved 400E or more !!! mind you DH said I should've bought more:) but that's because he wants a motorbike so is being nice.  Stash building and I still haven't got the stuff for dh's space invader quilt.

Time for a hot toddy and bed ready for tomorrow's Frozen turkey arrival from Tesco's (bit weird as its a UK supermarket and im in France) but that story is for another day *grin*
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  1. Hope you feel better soon.... it wouldn't be La Maison bringing your Turkey would it!?!?!? Linda

  2. no company called mouse2house:( and only one damn turkey arrived, need 2, am GUTTED


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