08 November, 2011

Lazy Lady

yup, I'm a lazy lady, haven't done much sewing the last few days, after my marathon Sunday, yesterday I was knackered and seemed to be really tired and lazy, think its the end of the cold/flu bug....Dh even took me out to lunch as I *really* couldn't be bothered cooking us lunch, isn't he a sweety :O) even went to bed with the little one at about 8pm and watched TV in bed....told DS to go to bed at 8.45 and then woke up at 11.45 when DH came to bed, went back to sleep and woke up at 7.45, quite a night eh :O)
Today I got some more energy back and by 10pm, had dropped kids off at school, went shopping, unpacked, hoovered, mopped the whole of downstairs, put in the roast pork for lunch and got the washing in the machine...phew !!!
Jacques had the orthophonist in the afternoon so I packed up my block 4 from the SAL and got busy sewing the bear while in the waiting room, did get some funny looks and heard one of the boys say, why is the english lady sewing, hasn't she got anything more exciting to do....did I chuckle !!! ...have nearly finished it off tonight just the lettering to do..hoping to get it done tomorrow (its Wednesday, the kids are home from school, pork curry for lunch, home made naan bread if I remember to make it  and Jacques has football practice) so not much time.

I'm still contemplating the twister table runner/hanging and thinking a wide butter (its the cream) border on my twister and perhaps an appliqued Merry Christmas... anyone got any sorta twister words/phrases that are christmassy ??....

how about Don't get your tinsel in a tangle   (I REALLY LIKE THIS ONE)
Be jolly by golly
Christmas is love with all the trimmings.

mind u that seems to be alot of words to applique on :(

it'll need something on a cream border, the other option, small cream border and the green/red flower border....
don't think a scallop cos its quite angular so a normal square border, hmmm decisions decisions...

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  1. You will need another full sleep after all that!! lol Diane x


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