02 November, 2011

Just a quickie,

heres an offer I've received that I can share out, its for extra discounts and pre warning on precuts and fabric deals, go here
 craftsy deals on precuts to register....

No sewing done today as I'm still laid up with the dreaded lurgie, however have spent most of the afternoon and evening looking at twister quilts, templates and online shops....have managed to find a pattern and I'm going to make my own template, it looks so easy and I refuse to pay £16 and £9 plus postage for an itty bit of square plastic with 2 lines drawn on... they seem to have come from a book by martha thompson here and someone has just copied them onto acrylic...

Am going to start sewing a charm pack up tomorrow  night to make a xmas runner or wall hanging....
that's it for me tonight, off to bed xx

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