21 November, 2011

its off the frame

Ok, it's off the frame, I've given it a wash to see if the green marking pen that's been on it for ohhh 3 or 4 years has come off. I never really thought i'd see it as a finished piece.  I've made the binding and will machine it on tonight and hand sew the back tonight or tomorrow.

I feel like a proper quilter now, Its far from perfect but as others have said now its off the frame, I don't think I or anyone else would really notice. The stitches vary from very small to large to medium, but I've got the hang of the speed I need to get even stitches I think now. It looked so pretty hanging on the washing line drying...

wowow I've NEVER quilted every single inch of a quilt before and I do loooooooooooove my frame. 

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