24 November, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

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Happy Thanksgiving to all my American and Canadian Friends

ohh the delay posting actually worked, that's an interesting feature, I can do my WIP Wednesdays in advance now. I've finally succumbed to a visit to the doctor, 5 weeks of flu/coughing is quite enough and unfortunately I have a lung infection and low blood pressure as I'm so tired of the constant battle with the cough. So anti biotics and more pills for the cough, ahh well in 10 days I should be better. I don't think I even feel like being bothered to sew *must be feeling ill* so am thinking I might write my Christmas cards instead, bit early but quiet time without children shouldn't be wasted and its that or year end accounts..I definitely need a clear head for that !!! 
Hope everyone over the pond is having a fantastic Thanksgiving and I'm hoping the black friday and cyber monday sales will be very interesting, I'll be online searching out those deals xxxx 

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