03 November, 2011

can't believe i'm going to cut this up

well got busy tonight and have  a 5x5 with a 3" border lovely nice wall hanging or table runner....which I could back, quilt and bind.... nice, quick Christmas finish and what am I going to do tomorrow *if i've got the nerve* going to cut it up into twisters.... hmmmm

let the fun commence tomorrow.... any advice ??? Im really thinking I need to mark them and cut with scissors, my rotary cutting is not the best or most accurate, have read starch helps....

EDITED :-  Have decided to make a little 9 patch block tonight with borders and have a go with that to see.... if I can get the kidlets to bed *GRRR*


  1. I haven't made a Twister yet so I'll look forward to seeing how yours turns out. :) blessings, marlene

  2. It will look lovely, I have seen the little twister ruler and it makes your quilt look so different. Can't wait to see it.

  3. You'll do great and have fun making it! I have several tutorials on my blog.
    Quilting by the River

  4. The first Twister I made I marked and cut with scissors. The second and third ones I got bold and just used the rotary cutter! It took a lot less time and they turned out fine. Just cut carefully! Have fun :)

  5. Oh! That is tough! It looks so beautiful now, but it will look great as a twister! Can't wait to see!
    Thanks for linking @ This Week.


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