25 November, 2011

Black Friday,

I've just started shopping, is it a special day, yes it's Black Friday !!!!! 

All my waiting is over, now just where to go and what to choose... so far i've been to martingale publishing and with their 50% off everything, bought 3 ebooks so I don't have to pay international shipping, don't you just love TECHNOLOGY !!!!!

So I bought  this to get busy with more twister quilts, its actually how I got the measurements to make my own twister ruler but was so tempted by 50% off thought i'd get the ebook....lovely scrummy baby quilt I might have to make...

and then I got  this cos Ive seen some celtic quilts being blogged about and I've made a table runner but never got round to making anything more, I enjoyed it and have some bias binding already made just lazy and my DH loves celtic quilts, perhaps a valentines wall hanging in the making

As im so rubbish at exciting borders I bought this one to get some more inspiration perhaps, and at 11E or 15$ for the lot, it'd just be nice to read when i'm bored one afternoon.....

Now im off fabric shopping, where to start ???? and what to buy, need some more solids for a stash, need something for baby quilt thats not really girly and now some batiks perhaps for celtic hanging and want to make dh a space invader quilt for his birthday

shop until I drop :)) online !!!

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