26 November, 2011

ARGHHHH Why do I sit and read blogs.....

I'd have been much better off just getting on with writing my Christmas cards, but the boys are away (youngest playing football, old man going DIY shopping) so Amelia and I are home alone, I've phoned mum and got all my gossip updates,hoovered, washing in and on, cooked lunch (spag bol) and made a fairly yummy looking homemade mince meat with apple filling with a meringue topping pie for dessert...so then I *need* to get the christmas card list of the computer. I've got IGoogle as my home page and it's all sorted out so lovely for me, email, weather, calender, translate and READER !!!! so an hour later i'm just finishing my blog reading...get to Love Affair with my brother and she's blogging at Two Girls Being Crafty and has the sweetest little sewn Christmas cards and Im thinking hmmm I need something for patchwork club to sell at the Christmas fayre 2 weeks today.... so I'll HAVE to go out and get some card although with lung infection being out in the fog isn't such a great idea..but anyway I'm going to cheat and make gift labels.....wonder if our craft shop has blank ones I could just sew onto hmmmm or do I start searching ebay for the old fashioned brown label with string types....see more ideas and more time wasting ARGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Now i'm going start writing my xmas cards so DH *thinks* i've been really busy.
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  1. How funny.... I have just got my Christmas cards out today I have wrote about 5 now having a cuppa and reading blogs!!!!!!!!!! It's a sickness we have I think.


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