28 November, 2011

Monday Musings

Well, another start of a week, not much to blog about on the sewing front unfortunately. Just haven't really had my Mojo.. lots to try and get finished or partly started but can't be naffed...feeling rubbish with this lung infection hasn't helped and it doesn't seem to be improving much.  I did knit the scarf this week and have started on the next one. Tomorrow I WILL Get the borders on the twister, then I might get it quilted somehow but don't think it'll be getting any fancy applique. 
I received my mug rug swop today and will take some photo's later, it's very lovely, rich browns with appliqued and embroidered Christmas trees. I need to write my little card and pop it in the post tomorrow, it's supposed to arrive Thursday or Friday.  Here's the pic of my one, it's got that special pot holder/heat proof batting so hopefully won't damage someone's highly polished wooden table.

I'm going to send some of the scissor/snowflake fabric, isn't it cute and appropriate :) the colours aren't showing up so well the twisters are green, red and black and they are the smaller 3.5" starting size, DH made the template out of plexiglass stuff and it works really well.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday worked out really well for me, I've bought 3 ebooks and 32 yards of fabric for about 100 euros, I could be paying 16-20E a YARD here so I've saved 400E or more !!! mind you DH said I should've bought more:) but that's because he wants a motorbike so is being nice.  Stash building and I still haven't got the stuff for dh's space invader quilt.

Time for a hot toddy and bed ready for tomorrow's Frozen turkey arrival from Tesco's (bit weird as its a UK supermarket and im in France) but that story is for another day *grin*
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26 November, 2011

Just quick before battery laptop runs out

I went to the local crafty cheap shop, no polystyrene wreaths, no appropriate card but they did have holey wool like the katia I blogged about earlier in the week, so I bought a set of knitting needles (need shorter ones for next time) and 5 balls of wall to share with my mum and got knitting....its not difficult but it needs to be concentrated on to get the holes in the right bit but about 2 hours later here's the finished article. (don't laugh at the boobs, will try get a proper picture tomorrow) and for 2e worth of wool I love it :)))
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ARGHHHH Why do I sit and read blogs.....

I'd have been much better off just getting on with writing my Christmas cards, but the boys are away (youngest playing football, old man going DIY shopping) so Amelia and I are home alone, I've phoned mum and got all my gossip updates,hoovered, washing in and on, cooked lunch (spag bol) and made a fairly yummy looking homemade mince meat with apple filling with a meringue topping pie for dessert...so then I *need* to get the christmas card list of the computer. I've got IGoogle as my home page and it's all sorted out so lovely for me, email, weather, calender, translate and READER !!!! so an hour later i'm just finishing my blog reading...get to Love Affair with my brother and she's blogging at Two Girls Being Crafty and has the sweetest little sewn Christmas cards and Im thinking hmmm I need something for patchwork club to sell at the Christmas fayre 2 weeks today.... so I'll HAVE to go out and get some card although with lung infection being out in the fog isn't such a great idea..but anyway I'm going to cheat and make gift labels.....wonder if our craft shop has blank ones I could just sew onto hmmmm or do I start searching ebay for the old fashioned brown label with string types....see more ideas and more time wasting ARGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Now i'm going start writing my xmas cards so DH *thinks* i've been really busy.
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25 November, 2011

This weeks giveaways

inkythreads is having a great giveaway to win a copy of Jennifer Chiaverini’s newest book:  The Wedding Quilt.... go take a look if your interested in a chance to win :O)

love affair with mybrother is having a giveaway along with Intrepid thread for a FQ set of free spirit solids,  how much would my stash love them :O)

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Black Friday,

I've just started shopping, is it a special day, yes it's Black Friday !!!!! 

All my waiting is over, now just where to go and what to choose... so far i've been to martingale publishing and with their 50% off everything, bought 3 ebooks so I don't have to pay international shipping, don't you just love TECHNOLOGY !!!!!

So I bought  this to get busy with more twister quilts, its actually how I got the measurements to make my own twister ruler but was so tempted by 50% off thought i'd get the ebook....lovely scrummy baby quilt I might have to make...

and then I got  this cos Ive seen some celtic quilts being blogged about and I've made a table runner but never got round to making anything more, I enjoyed it and have some bias binding already made just lazy and my DH loves celtic quilts, perhaps a valentines wall hanging in the making

As im so rubbish at exciting borders I bought this one to get some more inspiration perhaps, and at 11E or 15$ for the lot, it'd just be nice to read when i'm bored one afternoon.....

Now im off fabric shopping, where to start ???? and what to buy, need some more solids for a stash, need something for baby quilt thats not really girly and now some batiks perhaps for celtic hanging and want to make dh a space invader quilt for his birthday

shop until I drop :)) online !!!

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24 November, 2011

Playing around

as you can see I'm bored and so have been playing around with blogger..doesn't it look prettier now :) I so love Autumn

Happy Thanksgiving

zwani.com myspace graphic comments

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American and Canadian Friends

ohh the delay posting actually worked, that's an interesting feature, I can do my WIP Wednesdays in advance now. I've finally succumbed to a visit to the doctor, 5 weeks of flu/coughing is quite enough and unfortunately I have a lung infection and low blood pressure as I'm so tired of the constant battle with the cough. So anti biotics and more pills for the cough, ahh well in 10 days I should be better. I don't think I even feel like being bothered to sew *must be feeling ill* so am thinking I might write my Christmas cards instead, bit early but quiet time without children shouldn't be wasted and its that or year end accounts..I definitely need a clear head for that !!! 
Hope everyone over the pond is having a fantastic Thanksgiving and I'm hoping the black friday and cyber monday sales will be very interesting, I'll be online searching out those deals xxxx 

23 November, 2011

WIP Wednesday update....

Back from patchwork club where the naughty women got me started on another xmas project, you wrap ribbon around a polystyrene wreath, then you make poinsettias/Christmas roses, out of 3 petals 8cm square, folded to make a triangle, folded again and then gathered, the same with 5 6cm square flower colours,
then a little yo yo or button in the middle....I need polystyrene and time :O)

My frame quilt is now bound and I'm trying to decide where to hang it, running out of wall space, Jacques said they'd have it in their room, but it's a bit too girly and although Amelia would love it, I haven't told Jacques I'm hoping to get him a digger wall hanging done in time for Pere Noel....so I've broached the subject of hanging it in the upstairs hall, which was supposed to be lilac but it more a pinky/purple lavendery colour so I think the quilt will fit in just fine up there. 

I started my Christmas mug rug yesterday and got it bound today, I'm sure I can't blog a picture yet as the recipient hasn't received it, let's just say its a twister of an experience.... I've got some nice fabric to send with it and I'm thinking something typical from this area...bit difficult considering it's Berrichon Pie (potato, ham, onion with creme fraiche pie) or Limousin Beef...
Remind me early december to show you the piccie.

And the Yo-Yo Christmas tree is finished too, think it'll hang on the wall somewhere at Christmas.

The twister has a border on and hopefully tomorrow may get another one, then it's onto what kind of quilting...to get it finished quickly, could load it on the frame and FM it...then I get to move onto the twister wreath or tree I want to make

Did I say I love my Frame :O)))) got some cream Aurifil too so that'll be good.
I saw some scarves made by my patchwork ladies, they are using a wool called Katia, one has made one like this Katia  and the other made one with the other type called Ondas, it's only 9 stitches wide but looks quite complicated, they all seem to think it's early...will look for some of the wool and perhaps my mum might knit one for me or I might give it a go. the turquoise/blue that one lady made was gorgeous. I've always wanted to knit a pair of those chunky socks...although I'm hopeless at knitting and find it stressful

WIP Wednesday

Well, Ive got lots of WIP but I'm hoping to get some finished off and photo's taken while I'm at patchwork club today. 
Got one border on the twister, need another one on it...

21 November, 2011

its off the frame

Ok, it's off the frame, I've given it a wash to see if the green marking pen that's been on it for ohhh 3 or 4 years has come off. I never really thought i'd see it as a finished piece.  I've made the binding and will machine it on tonight and hand sew the back tonight or tomorrow.

I feel like a proper quilter now, Its far from perfect but as others have said now its off the frame, I don't think I or anyone else would really notice. The stitches vary from very small to large to medium, but I've got the hang of the speed I need to get even stitches I think now. It looked so pretty hanging on the washing line drying...

wowow I've NEVER quilted every single inch of a quilt before and I do loooooooooooove my frame. 

How much did I actually get done

 Well last week this was my list, how much did I get done....

I'd like to achieve this week :-

  1. Mark out the rest of the CAL embroidery ready for stitching...
  2. Unpick an old unfinished quilt top that I'd started machine quilting and i've now decided will be my first *proper* quilt on the frame, just want to get busy with some stippling or leaves on the borders I think. 
  3. finish another of the pressie things that's half way 
  4. Come up with a plan for my mug rug swop and a definite idea 
  5. put some borders on the christmas twister
  6. perhaps cut out and sew some 5" blocks ready for a wreath twister
  7. plan JP's digger quilt, had the fabric for ages and its a panel, just needs some borders and I reckon another one to practice on the frame....he's not going to be bothered if its a bit screwy, but needs to be done in secret which can be difficult....
  8. Finally, have to bind the yo yo tree, but its on the can be left pile.....
  9. sew some xmas panels that I have lying around together, see what I can do with them, cushions seem a waste, perhaps placemats for xmas lunch

 Only 3 out of the 10 this week and the quilt that was just going to be a practice is finished and awaiting binding....

So heres to the 6 getting done this week with the addition of binding to make number 7....think I might get cutting strips and try get the quilt and yo yo binding made

Monday Musings...

Ok I've not dropped off the face of the earth...
I can now show you my finished mug rug and a coffee coaster that I made for presents. Why is it my binding always makes the things not look square ??? even when they are squared up before I bind them, any ideas please...

I'd forgotten how much I love the embroidery on my Janome, it was a pleasure to sit and watch it stitch (didn't dare move away because it ALWAYS screws up, it likes being watched)

I'm starting to panic about my mug rug swop, can't even come up with a proper christmassy design, will try put some time to that tomorrow, did think about trying to make a miniature twister, will look into the 2.5" pattern I think.  Need to get on with my borders for the other twister as want to show it at patchwork on Wednesday and see if anyone else wants to make one with me.

All weekend I've been busy with kids football, an impromptu Chinese dinner with my Bro and trying to get my head around the quilting frame...
Dh has had to draw arrows and label the wood, not great for resale I know but I'm not planning on ever selling it.  I've realised two big problems, the first I hate unpicking and the second I'm not quite sure what I'm supposed to be doing when *free motioning* I'll take some photos later. The backing is rubbishy shiny stuff so not ideal, the molleton *batting* is polyester practice stuff, however the thread is Aurifil and I'm definitely ordering more but what colour to choose is going to be a problem.  I've got one crease in the quilting but I think its because I have been doing it too close and heavy. Will need to investigate further. Thank god its just a practice one, am hoping to possibly get it finished today and off the frame... EEEEK

Am awaiting some important contract info for my DH, to see if he gets to stay working at home or will have to look for a new contract, its all at the finance stage so nail biting and means we're on a spending freeze...hope its sorted before Black Friday as I'm waiting for the fabric sales :O)

15 November, 2011

back ache and more quilting

it's nearly midnight here, I have back ache from leaning over the frame unpicking hundreds of little stitches...is there some kind of fabric eraser ?? Ive got a feeling there might be cos I'm sure I remember someone saying theres one for unpicking the machine embroidery stuff, must have a look on the net.
I have sore arms from stiffly quilting and I have a headache from not drinking enough through the day, but I am now happier with some of my quilting (borders) not so pleased with the little square and the rectangles are practise. Going to rest tonight and think about what else I could do in the large squares, perhaps a flower or the squares I inked in years ago.

14 November, 2011


decided to look for a print myself a pantograph site and happened on designsbyvickie my god, I will never have to look for another pattern again, there are literally thousands of free pantographs, now to find an easy one for the quilt.
Aren't people wonderful 

need a break, need more aurifil colours, need a kit kat...

wow I'm finally allowing myself time to sit down, am back on my diet and could really use a choccie bar or biscuit so am blogging instead !!!

I've got a bit of binding to sew on tonight for one pressie, decided to make myself a heatproof coaster for my sewing table. I  have unpicked the quilt I made years ago and dh has helped me to get it on the frame....

I loaded up the machine, got my new aurifil thread out which yes, is pretty awesome, no problems with breakage or tension !!!! *YES* and my Brother does like it *sigh* shame its so difficult to get...BUT I've only got white or cream, so its loaded with the white...the stitching is showing up big time so its making me think I need to practice more, unpick it and change my thread to the YLI blue variegated for the borders... I'm really a bit depressed now cos the quilt hasn't got a purpose really but I still don't want to ruin it with my quilting...the markings on it were from before, I cant do straight line on the frame and never really did have an idea with how to quilt it, shall I just stipple it and perhaps unpick the borders and do them in blue or practice some more... I could do the leaf pantagraph on the borders...anyway have started to unpick it all but need to go get the kids from school


I'm not MIA just busy making some pressies that I can't show you yet...today is a dedicated sewing day, its 9.50am and I've dropped kids off, prepared the dinner in advance, hoovered and mopped floors so the rest of the day is SEWING....

I'd like to achieve this week :-

  1. Mark out the rest of the CAL embroidery ready for stitching...
  2. Unpick an old unfinished quilt top that I'd started machine quilting and i've now decided will be my first *proper* quilt on the frame, just want to get busy with some stippling or leaves on the borders I think. 
  3. finish another of the pressie things that's half way 
  4. Come up with a plan for my mug rug swop and a definite idea 
  5. put some borders on the christmas twister
  6. perhaps cut out and sew some 5" blocks ready for a wreath twister
  7. plan JP's digger quilt, had the fabric for ages and its a panel, just needs some borders and I reckon another one to practice on the frame....he's not going to be bothered if its a bit screwy, but needs to be done in secret which can be difficult....
  8. Finally, have to bind the yo yo tree, but its on the can be left pile.....
  9. sew some xmas panels that I have lying around together, see what I can do with them, cushions seem a waste, perhaps placemats for xmas lunch

and I need to do them in the following order 10...3, 1, 2,4,5 6,7,8,9,

09 November, 2011

WIP Wednesday

ohhh I'm excited, my first WIP Wednesday !!!  I was contemplating a wordless Wednesday like Clare Dordogne Quilter but considering I go to patchwork club on a Wednesday and usually have something unfinished as the kids are home from school, I'm going with WIP !!!!
Looking through I've decided to link up with  Freshly Pieced, her list of WIP linkers is huge and looks like it's increasing  by the minute,it's her first year WIP anniversary today.

I finished off block 4 of the SAL tonight, and am going to start block 5 tomorrow, or at least I might draw the last 3 blocks out, they don't take very long to stitch once I get round to it, what i'm going to do then I don't know...the SAL idea was bunting but not sure I fancy that, 

Well my WIP is still twister....I'm stuck, what border, what size, what quilting, do I applique words on or not, what do the words say.... my stash doesnt have much that won't clash with the quilt as it is now, the red is more of a pinky red... I think it needs a small border of red or blue and then a wide cream (butter) border...with green/pink flower binding.
WIP too on the Xmas tree, have to make the binding, sew it on and finish it !!! 

ahh well its what WIP Wed is all about :)

Chance #2
Between now and Tuesday, November 15, comment on as many WIP Wednesday links as you can. Whoever comments on the most links gets an FQ bundle.
• Leave a comment on this post telling me how many links you commented upon. You must leave your tally in a comment on this post by Tuesday, November 15, at 1 p.m. Central time.
• I will be verifying the winner's comments—if you win, but you don't have as many as you reported, I'll move on to the next person.
If more than one person ties with the same number of comments, I'll draw a winner from those top commenters.
One comment per link please.
• This part of the giveaway is open to everyone, even if you don't have a blog.

finished no 42 :O)

08 November, 2011

Lazy Lady

yup, I'm a lazy lady, haven't done much sewing the last few days, after my marathon Sunday, yesterday I was knackered and seemed to be really tired and lazy, think its the end of the cold/flu bug....Dh even took me out to lunch as I *really* couldn't be bothered cooking us lunch, isn't he a sweety :O) even went to bed with the little one at about 8pm and watched TV in bed....told DS to go to bed at 8.45 and then woke up at 11.45 when DH came to bed, went back to sleep and woke up at 7.45, quite a night eh :O)
Today I got some more energy back and by 10pm, had dropped kids off at school, went shopping, unpacked, hoovered, mopped the whole of downstairs, put in the roast pork for lunch and got the washing in the machine...phew !!!
Jacques had the orthophonist in the afternoon so I packed up my block 4 from the SAL and got busy sewing the bear while in the waiting room, did get some funny looks and heard one of the boys say, why is the english lady sewing, hasn't she got anything more exciting to do....did I chuckle !!! ...have nearly finished it off tonight just the lettering to do..hoping to get it done tomorrow (its Wednesday, the kids are home from school, pork curry for lunch, home made naan bread if I remember to make it  and Jacques has football practice) so not much time.

I'm still contemplating the twister table runner/hanging and thinking a wide butter (its the cream) border on my twister and perhaps an appliqued Merry Christmas... anyone got any sorta twister words/phrases that are christmassy ??....

how about Don't get your tinsel in a tangle   (I REALLY LIKE THIS ONE)
Be jolly by golly
Christmas is love with all the trimmings.

mind u that seems to be alot of words to applique on :(

it'll need something on a cream border, the other option, small cream border and the green/red flower border....
don't think a scallop cos its quite angular so a normal square border, hmmm decisions decisions...

06 November, 2011

I've been a busy bee !!!!

I've been a busy beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

A simple selection from the charm pack, sewn 5 by 5 and then a 3" border added.....

home made twister template, becomes this....DA DA !!!!!
Looking at other pictures, the twisters can be different ways depending on which way you start with the ruler, do these look weird ??? my little 4 patch this morning was the *original* way, I'll have to make sure I mark the template next time...

It's most definitely shrunk quite a bit, not sure how costly it would be to make a few of them, although this isn't a full charm pack, full charm would be 7 by 6 wide with a border... and from what I understand a layer cake makes a decent size quilt...

Anyway, border assistance needed, I've got more of the green/red flower but nothing else, need to order some I think.... I was thinking perhaps a 1inch blue border, then a 2 or 3 inch green border finishing with a larger 3 or 4 inch white border and red binding..... means a fabric order

Twisty Turny....

Bit of a funny weekend here, Usually on Saturday we go shopping for do it yourself (hardware) materials or DH does the DIY and I take the kids out food or clothes shopping. Sometimes DS has football in the morning and we have a casserole or an easy lunch, (burger and chips, sausage and chips) I clean in the afternoon...on Sunday's I ALWAYS cook a roast dinner, clean again *sigh* maybe bake a cake and we get homework done and sometimes I spend some time sewing although not very much.....

All change this weekend....
We went DIY shopping on Friday night after work/school (i'd already cleaned the house during the day) and I got some food and clothes shopping done, we had tea (dinner) out....so Saturday no shopping needed, DH was doing some landscaping work outside, I cooked a roast shoulder of lamb with all the trimmings.... and we had cake/biscuits in the cupboard....

So it meant that on SUNDAY the kids woke up early, I left DH to sleep and got caught up on the blogging world and read the newspapers online with breakfast...then I got busy in the sewing room :o) How lucky am I !!!! the kids were playing happily so I chose some charm squares, sewed them together into a 4 patch and shoved a border on.
Used my 50wt aurifil and even though my Janome doesn't seem to really love it my piecing was much better than usual and my squares were spot on.

Then I made a template from template plastic... its 3.5" and the lines start at 1" in as you can see....really easy to make and I'm reckoning that the large twister is an 6.5" square and its either 1" in again or its just this extended out. DH is going to buy me some perspex or I'm going to buy a 3.5" ruler and mark it, I don't just want the twister template and not be able to do anything else with it...

found this on the quilting board 
 The 8" tool uses 10" blocks, the 3½" tool uses 5" blocks, the 2¼" tool uses 3½" blocks and the 1½" tool uses 2½" blocks.

EDITED:---- ok I think 
the 3.5" tool is 1" from the end
the 8" tool is 2 3/8 from the end
the 2 1/4 tool is 5/8" from end 
and the 1 1/2 tool is 7/16th from end....

Border size help would be appreciated :O) 

can someone confirm what border sizes the twisters uses, I've read its a 6" border, the smaller ones must have tiny borders, the moda 2.5" blocks would be good for the tiny tool although cutting would be scary...

Anyway I digress,  I got cutting (with the rotary cutter) after all what did I really have to lose, was exciting but with a sense of oh my god too.... once I'd cut them out I sewed 3 together then the 3 rows.... didn't want a border as I'm going to give it to patchwork club to sell at the christmas market I think....

Then stitched in the ditch using Aurifil's 40wt...yes I do like it but not sure if I can really afford it ;o( its about 9e ---- 12$ a spool
made the binding, machine stitched it on the front,  hand sewed the back, gave it an iron and here it is.... 2 hours later !!!!

do think it should've had white or cream where the green/red border fabric is but you live and learn...am hoping the big quilt as it has more cream in won't look like this...anyway 

way to go !!!!!


and I found this cute ribbon in our sewing shop...will sew it on later. If I get chance while the kids are playing I'm going to cut up the other Christmas top

05 November, 2011

Mug Rug Swap

oh well the twister nerves have been sorted... I'm joining a Christmas mug rug swop here at Au Fil du Patchwork  and i'm going to make a 4 patch with a border tonight and see if I can make it into a twister and see what size it ends up being for a mug rug....or adapt the template to make smaller twisters...hmmm may be tricky, oh well will experiment for a 4 charm and border

Sign ups for the mug swap finish on the 7th, come on all, join in the fun,

Linky Party

Thanks to Linda at Living the Dream for posting about the Linky Party that's taking place over at Love Affair With My Brother. It's my first Linky party and I didn't really know what it was all about and my posts this week haven't been that exciting but still..... you can "like" my post over there if you like or join the party  .... you can win 6 FQs from The Intrepid Thread as well as have some fun xxx

03 November, 2011

can't believe i'm going to cut this up

well got busy tonight and have  a 5x5 with a 3" border lovely nice wall hanging or table runner....which I could back, quilt and bind.... nice, quick Christmas finish and what am I going to do tomorrow *if i've got the nerve* going to cut it up into twisters.... hmmmm

let the fun commence tomorrow.... any advice ??? Im really thinking I need to mark them and cut with scissors, my rotary cutting is not the best or most accurate, have read starch helps....

EDITED :-  Have decided to make a little 9 patch block tonight with borders and have a go with that to see.... if I can get the kidlets to bed *GRRR*

Look what the nice postman brought me

Look what the postman gave to me this morning :O)
Journals are for the patchwork club christmas giveaway, am tempted to keep one too but not sure and one of the books is to go to a friend, the others are mine to take my time looking through while having a nice cup of coffee, probably later on this afternoon when I get back from French lessons, my daughter is sick with a cold so she and I will snuggle up and do some reading...
she's playing with her dollies