29 October, 2011

Web Tastic...

 Don't you just love the head...my DH bought it in the UK, he was at the french services filling up the van with diesel and as typically with Phil, it was just tossed in the van, he opened the door and the skull rolled out, bashed on the floor and into the petrol station forecourt... the old woman in the car opposite him had a VERY strange look on her face :O)

Ok it's finished, not sure I'll get to make another one tomorrow (will try) but have thoroughly enjoyed it, quick and easy to do, very wonky, doesn't meet in the middle, deliberately doesn't meet on some of the edges...but a lovely placemat, plant pot holder or to display the sweeties for the trick or treaters....  thanks sarah for the tutorial and additional help with the pattern, I'll definitely be making a set for next year's Halloween dinner... wonder about wine glass mats, hmm

And I REALLY do like paperpiecing I've decided, I don't do as much of it as I should and after loving the Mariners compass, its something I'll be looking at doing more of.

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