26 October, 2011

Wasted Wednesday

Well it's a Wednesday and Wednesday's mean nothing gets done....its autumn holidays so even less gets done.  I've been ghastly hopping again, having so much fun and meeting so many new people and adding to my list of blogs...it's going to take up so much time if they update their blogs all the time.
No sewing done today but we did go shopping, so fingers crossed might get something done tomorrow.
Did have a practice on the frame on Tuesday, and following a flower and leaves pantograph, am feeling much much better about it, some thread breakage but think that's down to the uneven floor and it's polyester thread. Am contemplating ordering some Aurifil 40wt but the 50wt my Janome hates, hoping the brother will prefer it, do I proceed to a quilt and just do some loops, or practice more stippling or pantographs....
Theres a bit more muslin loaded on the frame and after that think I'm gonna whip up the digger panel with some borders and get busy with loops, Jacques (my boy) isn't going to be bothered if my loops aren't totally even...

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